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g.Book - an organizer according to your wishes

Despite the technical progress or maybe because of it and because of the omnipresence of smartphones we go back to paper and pen. We think nothing can replace paper and pen and a well-planned organizer. Planning, drawing, taking notes ... an organizer made from paper will stay irreplaceable.

The organizer is simple and beautiful. Our idea: A long-lasting envelope made from vegetal tanned calf leather. The inside - according to your wishes. Three rubber bands are integrated to your disposal.

What we offer: Calendar, Annual overview, notebook, address book. The outside stays the same, the inside changes – according to your wishes and needs.

The cover of your organizer.

The cover of the notebook feels good once you are holding it in your hand. And after a while the leather receives a wonderful patina. Our vegetal tanned leather, which stood the test in all our products, gets a new function, as envelope for an organizer. On the inside is enough place for different elements. If calendar, notebook or address book – it is your decision. An organizer set, lasting longer than for one year.

The inside. Configure your organizer.

g.Boook calendar
The calendar compromises two booklets. Six month and 56 pages each. From January to June and from July to Dedember. Either you are saving weight and place with only six months or you have the comolete year but two booklets. A weekly overview with room for your thoughts and meetings.

You will find an annual overview in a separate booklet. One page= one page. All important meetings and dates for the next two months at one glance, simply practical.

g.Book: Notebook
Indispensable. A notebook offers enough room for all the important and unimportant notes. You can buy one, two or three. Writing everything into one booklet or separating different areas of life with various notebooks. Everything is possible. Order more. 112 pages in each notebook are waiting for your thoughts. Lined or plain.

g.Book: Address book
Fill it in once – and done. Your addresses will stay. For everyone who loves it tidy, clean and values the written word. The germanmade. address book. Write down the most important addresses and add business cards or address labels. There are traditions, which should not get lost.

g.Book: Booklet for business cards
Receiving a lot of business cards is not a bad thing; it is more a sign that you are on the go. But sometimes it is difficult to organize and track all your contacts. With the booklet for business cards this problem is solved. You can bulk up and buy as many as you want. That is how you will organize your contacts and will stay on top of things.

The paper for our organizer

How to describe the paper we are using for our booklets. Brilliant white, feels good, looks beautiful and you can browse it flossy. 80g best quality. Writing on this paper is and will be fun.

g.Book: B2B

Gifts for costumers are always a problem: Most of the time these people do have everything already and everything they do not have they do not need. An organizer instead is an ad-on, which is always highly welcome given that material and processing is from best quality. Like the

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