Sleeves and sleeves and even more sleeves for your Huawei.

From now on you are proud owner of a Huawei and now you do need a perfect protection for your gadget. Well, you are on the right track. Because we thought about the perfect parameters for your Huawei smartphone sleeve for quiet some time. We had a good view and finally we found the three decisive parameters.

Function * Design * Material

Our sleeve for your Huawei.

g.5 Huawei sleeve – one for all.
The g.5 sleeve is a wallet and a smartphone sleeve at the same time. It offers a safe place for your Huawai and besides that for your credit cards and bills.

The best material and a pure design.

Material and design are naturally linked. Two parameters having an impact on each other. That is why we were looking for the right material for quiet some time. But finally we found the right leather. A leather you will associate with warmth and naturalness but offers enough structure to protect your Huawei. The wool felt is natural and protect your smartphone against bounces and environmental influences. Felt is strong, temperature – and water-resistant. Only the best for your Huawei.

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