iPhone XS Max sleeves

iPhone XS Max sleeves

The large OLED display wants to be adequately protected against bumps, scratches and other environmental influences. That is what we are specialists in. germanmade manufactures tailor-made sleeves, covers and cases from the highest quality materials, such as vegetable-tanned cowhide and natural wool felt, in an outstanding quality. By hand and in Germany. Of course, every iPhone XS Max sleeve has a well-thought-out and sophisticated design and offers the discerning Apple user a stylish and luxurious alternative to any mass-produced product. In addition, germanmade. stands for great service. We are here for our customers. In real. Try us.

According to the iPhone X Max, our sleeves, covers and cases are used to deliver high quality and protect your new workhorse perfectly from bumps, scratches and other environmental influences.

Make phone calls, write short messages, write mails, take pictures, maintain websites, hold conferences, make short videos .... hard to believe what you can do with your smartphone these days. The grip on the smartphone has become almost as natural as the handle through the hair. All the more important that every touch feels good. We know that the decision to buy an iPhone XS Max case is not just about the security promise, but above all about the sense of security. Because the iPhone is your constant companion.

We from germanmade. not only make iPhone sleeves, covers and cases that protect your iPhone XS Max optimal, but also feel good and also easy to use.


Since 2010 we have been producing the perfect protection for all Apple products. In all these years and the production and sale of cases, covers and cases, two models have proven to be particularly effective. Since it is obvious that we have launched these models for the XXL iPhone. Made of vegetable-tanned cowhide and lined with natural wool felt, our leather covers protect the iPhone XS Max from impact, environmental impact, moisture and even from fire. In addition, the operation is very easy:

g.4 iPhone XS Max sleeve: Our classic, in the truest sense of the word. A product of the first hour, which already protects many, many iPhones and also the smartphones of other manufacturers. Perfectly cut inside the protective cover only the iPhone XS Max finds its place. With a simple pull on the tab, the iPhone XL can be easily removed from the case, as it can be embedded in protection again. Granted, back is a bit more difficult, but with a tailor-made shell, it must be just like that. A small pocket on the outside offers space for cards, bills or notes. A very popular case, which is gladly bought and also gladly given away.

g.5 iPhone XS Max wallet: Another favorite from our portfolio is the foldable leather case, g.5 iPhone Wallet. Folded like a big wallet, the leather case has space for the iPhone XS Max with and without bumpers, plus at least 8 and up to 16 EC and credit cards, documents, bills and more. A true place donor and protector, which makes another purse virtually unnecessary. Made of leather on the outside and made of wool-felt inside, the iPhone XS Max case also offers the perfect all-round protection for the giants.


It is important to us that buying a germanmade. iPhone XS Max sleeve not only gives a, but a safe, but also a good feeling to our customers. Because all our materials are of natural origin. They are durable and protect the iPhone XS Max from impact, scratches and other external influences. Our leather is tanned with herbal extracts and is free of toxic, polluting and carcinogenic chromium salts. It is not pseudo-refined, which gives it a very special and unique character. Our leather tells its own story - its past in scars and wrinkles. But not only his story tells, but also very soon the story of his user. Because after some time of use, it develops a user-specific patina and makes the case your own personal product.

It is also butter soft and pleasant in the smell. The natural wool felt, which is used in almost all our products, comes from one of the last wool felt manufacturers in Germany. Wool felt is a very valuable material, which also protects against impact and temperature fluctuations.

Each of our products, which we make, goes through many, many hands in our partner manufactories in Germany. The close cooperation that has existed for years allows us to have short processes and fast reaction paths. Thus, not only can we react to trends in the short term, but we can also make them very individual and respond to many requests.


Vegetable tanned leather has many advantages. It not only protects the environment during its tanning process, but it also smells pleasant and also has a velvety-soft feel. Its structure is characteristic, because it shows every scar and fold that the animal has.

We know that leather and wool felt are the perfect combination. We use exclusively vegetable-tanned leather, which is free of toxic and environmentally harmful chromium salts and natural wool felt from one of the last real wool felt manufacturers from Germany. Leather is not only a very valuable material, but also a very thankful. It feels supple, thanks to its velvety soft surface, it offers - especially in combination with wool felt - much protection from moisture, scratches and bumps and it does not become rancid and unsightly with the time of use, but erstrecht really nice. An absolute unique, because it thanks an elegant patina, for the traces of use.


As our name germanmade. It already promises, we produce all our products exclusively in Germany. But we do not mean that we only sew together here, as so many others like to do and boast about producing fairly. Our products are 100% Made in Germany. Everything started in Germany, starting with the idea, finding the design, cutting the materials right through to production. Our name germanmade so it's program and explains our philosophy and the way to work, exactly. But not only the manufacturingg takes place in Germany, but also a large part of our materials comes from here. Unfortunately not everything, because some accessories, such as our vegetable tanned leather, we have to move from abroad. Here we are supplied from Italy. Our natural wool felt, on the other hand, comes from one of the last real wool felt factories in Germany. We do design in the middle of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as produce a large part. We produce special leather bags and iPhone cases and bags in the east of Germany. The proximity to our suppliers, leather studios, to our bookbinders and other partners enables us not only fast and direct communication, but also very short ways and a high degree of flexibility towards our customers.


Do not worry that your iPhone XI case could be mistaken for another one. Because our covers are fast becoming YOUR unique. On the one hand, this is due to our leather, which receives a unique catcher by its vegetable tanning, and second, to your usage behavior. Because after a period of use, the leather develops a very individual, user-specific patina and becomes unmistakably your unique piece.


An individual patina is not enough for you and you would like something more personal? How about an individualization using an embossing stamp or a laser? Whether initials, life motto, favorite word or simply your name. Your wish is our challenge that we set, that your shell will become your favorite unique. Here are some examples of our embossing and engraving.


Let our cases speak for your business! Equip your employees with an iPhone XS Max sleeve, personalized with your slogan or logo, and the first conversation topics with potential customers are guaranteed. Because you and your employees can proudly say that this iPhone case is 100% Made in Germany - handmade. As if this is not already a beautiful story, you can tell that the leather is free of toxic chromium salts, which is not only harmful to the environment, but also to the wearer.
The colors are low in pollution and let the leather breathe. So we can keep the signs of the skin, protect their authenticity and give you as a user not only a unique specimen, but also a companion who takes after some time of use your traces. The beautiful patina, which develops gradually, there is no second time. A wonderful unique. Your unique. With your company philosophy. To be too good to be true? Let us talk. Tell us what you want and we'll tell you if we can make you happy. Because we can produce large, but also small quantities. Small budget, but also big budget: a class="mail" title="Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-Mail" href="mailto:info@germanmadepunkt.de"> info@germanmadepunkt.de


Is there anything missing in our offer? Are you looking for a color that is not included in the standard offer? Do you want to engrave a picture on the iPhone XS Max pocket and do not know if the resolution of the file is printable and the space is sufficient? Would you like a custom-made product? Are you looking for a special present? Are you an entrepreneur looking for beautiful gifts with your company logo and a special message for your employees or customers? Talk to us, ein nein geht immer.