Tablet Sleeves 

Tablet sleeves at a glance

We have tablet sleeves for each product. Handmade from real leather, with red stitching, with Velcro or without, but always unmistakeable. With us your tablet is guaranteed to be in safe hands. Perfect protection for all – Kindle, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony.

  • Samsung Sleeves

    Samsung tablet sleeves from leather – design and protection at once

    The Samsung tablet sleeve from leather is both at the same time: beautiful design and perfect protection. Since it wraps itself exactly fitting around Samsung Tablet like a second skin, your device will be secured from outer influences, such as impacts, humidity and extreme temperatures. The protective sleeve combines vegetable tanned leather with natural wool felt. Each Samsung Tablet sleeve from leather is handmade in our partner manufactory. Best material, best craftsmanship, best quality for your Samsung tablet. What a beautiful protection!

  • Kindle

    Kindle sleeves from leather

    We give your eBook collection a noble sleeve and therefore protect it from outer influences like impacts, humidity or extreme temperatures. With our form beautiful Kindle sleeve your digital library gets an analogue leather cover. We especially care about high quality and best processing, so that our customers may directly feel the work that is put into each Kindle sleeve – Design in its most beautiful form.

  • Lenovo Tab Sleeves

    Lenovo Tab sleeves from leather – Design and protection at once

    The Lenovo Tab sleeves from finest leather is like a second skin and protects the Lenovo Tab perfectly from outer influences, like collisions, moisture and temperature changes. The protective sleeve is made from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. Each single Lenovo Tab sleeve from leather is made by hand in our partner manufactory. Perfectly fitting for your Lenovo Tab. Best quality, best craftsmanship inclusive. What a beautiful guard!

  • Microsoft Surface...

    Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather – design and protection at once

    The Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather does not only great, but mainly protects your Microsoft Surface perfectly from any outer influence, like impacts, moisture and temperature. The protective sleeve consists of a combination of vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. Each Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather is handmade in our partner manufactory. Best quality, best craftsmanship for your Microsoft Surface. What a beautiful protection!

  • Sony Tablet Sleeve

    Sony tablet sleeve from leather – Naturally protected

    We wrap your Sony tablet in finest leather and therefore protect it from impacts, humidity or changing temperatures. Vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt are the perfect protection for your Sony tablet. We guarantee high quality and best craftsmanship. Our manufactory produces with attention to details each Sony tablet sleeve from leather by hand. You can see it, smell it and feel it!

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Function of the tablet sleeves

The germanmade. tablet sleeves only want one thing: to protect your tablet. From unwanted environmental influences like impacts, moisture or fluctuating temperatures. Our tablet sleeves protects through their perfect fit, through the material and through the Velcro strap.

Simply insert the device, close the latch and your tablet is perfectly wrapped in the safe comfort zone. Additionally the tablet sleeve always offers a free access to the charging port.

Design follows function. Design of our tablet sleeves

Our tablet sleeves have to protect your device and not increase its weight unnecessarily. We are concentrated to transfer the simple design language of the device into a holistic protection.

The significant, red topstitching of the tablet sleeves are not only an eye-catcher, but also offer stability. The open edges of our tablet sleeves show the naturalness of the tanned leather and of the wool felt and additionally care for protection from dangers. Material becomes design becomes protection.

The material for our tablet sleeves

The material selection for the tablet sleeves is important to us. Leather always suggests on the one hand naturalness, warmth and smoothness. On the other hand it stands for structure and robustness. Our selected leather also gains through time a charming patina. The tablet sleeves therefore carry the signs of its owner and thereby develop more and more into the unique. We like the idea that a little more life is breathed into the tablet sleeve with each usage.

And our wool from tumbled and pressed sheep wool is a true all-rounder: it is temperature resistant and moisture repellent. The combination of these two materials offers the ideal properties to protect your sleeve from outer influences. Naturally both materials come from German

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Designed for all brands

The sleeves are exactly fitting made for the tablets by Kindle, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony.

Matter of the heart ‚Made in Germany’.

Without our business partners, the leather atelier in Apolda, would the flawless manufacturing according to our idea simply not be possible. A thousand thanks for that!