iPhone XR cases


Great design and protection belong together for us, like Adam and Eve. And sometimes it may be a bit more, because our LCD iPhone (iPhone Xr) is dear to us and it was expensive. In addition, you take it several times a day to hand, and you should be happy by doing son - not only about the content, but also about the packaging. What looks good should feel good too. And we've definitely done that with our iPhone XR cases. In close cooperation with our manufactory custom-made iPhone Xr cases have been created in the best quality.


We manufacture our cases for the iPhone X with LCD display made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned cowhide. The vegetable and gentle tanning is created using pure vegetable substances, free from chemical chromium salts, which not only pollute the environment, but are also carcinogenic. This type of tanning preserves the authenticity of each skin, such as scars and wrinkles, and makes each product a truly unique piece. In addition, the haptic is velvety soft - a real caress. Paired with our natural wool felt, which we obtain from one of the last real wool felt manufacturers in Germany, this material pair provides the best symbiosis for protection, feel and appearance. An unbeatable team that, together with a sophisticated design, makes the perfect iPhone accessory. Protection from its most beautiful side, for a very valuable instrument for us.


Anyone searching for iPhone LCD cases will be overwhelmed by the numerous results of sensational iPhone XR cases. The best cases for little money. Safe protection from PU and other plastic types, but vegan. And Made in China, but that's a pleasure to accept. Granted, made in China is not the same bad, but many cheap products come just because of this and the market of iPhone accessories is powerful. We are following a different path, much more complicated, sometimes difficult, but success makes us all the more proud and stronger. For after more than 8 years we are not only known, but also know that our name not only sounds beautiful, but is very thoughtful and reflects the philosophy of our entrepreneurship. germanmade. stands for "Made - in - Germany" and one hundred percent. We dispense with margins and prefer to remain modest, small and genuine. All of our iPhone XR cases, cases and bags are made in German factories, with which we have been cultivating fair and sophisticated cooperation for many years. We know each other and our needs, can quickly react to new trends and are just a damn good team. That would not be so and not possible to that extent, if our manufactory would be several flight hours away from us.


If you are looking for protection for your new LCD iPhone, you are always spoiled for choice. Which shape, which color, with engraving or embossing or rather just a hardcover case. It is not easy, but not difficult, if you know what you are looking for.


The g.case is already known and is a very popular product from our range. Our regular customers almost expect us to bring the case to market as soon as Apple announces a new iPhone. Since the iPhone 6 in use, the leather case has proven itself several times. Made from a piece of vegetable-tanned cowhide, the leather case offers space for at least 4 and up to XR cards, documents and more besides space for Apple's LCD iPhone (iPhone XR). If you use the g.case, you usually do not need a wallet anymore, because everything fits in there, what you need in everyday life. The iPhone XR is kept as if by magic. You do not have to trust it, you just have to be open to the latest technology, because that's what our Magic mount is about. It is a strong foil that consists of thousands of small suction cups, which keeps your iPhone safely in the case and leaves it without residue. Whereby there will hardly be a reason, if you can accommodate everything in the leather case. However, if you have to do it and feel that the suction power of the nanofoil is just not that strong, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and used after the drying process again to 100%.


The classic from our house and a protector for all smartphones - the g.5 iPhone XR. The elegant and at the same time very practical iPhone XR bag impresses with sophisticated functions, reduced design and carefully selected materials. Made by hand, made of velvety soft leather and gray, natural wool felt. A perfect protection for the iPhone XR, with space for cards and bills. Simply unfolded, the g.5 iPhone XR Wallet can be equipped with a smartphone and at least 6 and up to 12 EC and credit cards as well as banknotes and papers. Thus, the iPhone XR Case not only provides protection, but also makes the wallet unnecessary, because everything is important in one place. The easy handling, multifunction and the noble design convince our customers here in particular.

Its easy handling, multifunctionality and its noble design convince our users and enjoy long and lasting. Our iPhone X bag is made from a piece of vegetable-tanned and very soft cowhide. Inside, the g.5 iPhone XR Wallet is lined with natural wool felt from one of the last real wool felt manufacturers from Germany. Wool felt has many positive qualities. It not only protects and embeds the iPhone X in velvet, it


Such an iPhone XR case made by germanmade. will quickly become your own unique. One reason for this is that you can choose the materials and colors, and second, the fact that the leather cases quickly develop their own patina, which results from their user behavior. But how about it, if it becomes an unmistakable unique by a very personal individualization? Whether initials, life motto, favorite word or simply your name. Again, you have the choice and creative freedom that is limited only by space. Here are some examples of our embossing and engraving.


Is there anything missing in our offer? Are you looking for a color that is not included in the standard offer? Do you want to engrave a picture on the iPhone XR pocket and do not know if the resolution of the file is printable and the space is sufficient? Would you like a custom-made product? Are you looking for a special present? Are you an entrepreneur looking for beautiful gifts with your company logo and a special message for your employees or customers? Talk to us, a no always goes.