iPhone SE sleeves

Our iPhone SE Sleeves - as slim as possible, as much protection as needed

For the production of our iPhone SE sleeves, we solely use vegetable tanned leather like for all our protective sleeves. Each sleeve is diligently made by hand in our manufactory in Germany. Quality and care that you can see and feel immediately. This is why it is almost addictive to touch and each time you do it adds beautifully to the patina. The various designs of our iPhone sleeves are as different as our customers. Whether you prefer it slim and simple, with flap or strap, as a wallet or in a different format: There is one perfect iPhone SE sleeve for everyone. We have adapted our popular sleeves perfectly for the reduced form of the new iPhone SE. Our sleeves made from genuine vegetable tanned leather protect the iPhone SE reliably and will soon become one of your essentials.

Keeping it simple, no matter what size - our iPhone sleeves

Apart from optimum protection, our iPhone SE sleeves made from leather and felt also offer the possibility to always have your essentials on hand. We added a clever pocket to the g.1, g.2 and g.4 sleeve. So in addition to your mobile you can securely store 1-2 business-or credit cards and a bit of cash. And for those of you who need a bit more space, we designed the g.5 wallet. The exclusive and high quality combination of wallet and mobile sleeve.

Well thought out & practical and simply beautiful. Our clever iPhone SE sleeves.

We did not want to create another generic iPhone sleeve. Our ambition goes a lot further than that. It has to be more comprehensive and sustainable. We wanted to design an enduring, fairly produced, protective and also functional iPhone sleeve. That is why we place high demands on us and our partners and you can experience that with each of our products. And truth be told, we are a little proud of that.

iPhone sleeves made from leather and felt- a little history

Each material that is used for our products is carefully selected by us. Thus, for our iPhone sleeves we merge vegetable tanned leather with natural wool felt and our partner manufactory produces each of our sleeves lovingly by hand. The iPhone is impeccably kept from harm by all the amazing properties of the wool felt. It protects from temperature changes, dampness and sudden impacts. We obtain the milled and pressed pure sheep wool from a German manufactory. After the tanning process, the leather is roughened up and treated with a special vegetable oil that provides the exceptional velvety look & feel. The cowhide we use is of the finest quality and over time it develops a beautiful patina that speaks of its owner and makes your iPhone sleeve absolutely unique. True quality means to us that our iPhone sleeves are giving continuous joy and keep the promises we make.

My iPhone SE sleeve- personalising is as easy as pie

Our sleeves have everything that you need. Great materials, high functionality and extraordinary design. And if you like that little bit extra, no problem. We personalise and individualise your iPhone SE sleeve with a name, your initials, a motto or your logo. Completely personal and entirely according to your wishes. If an embossing is required, it will be set and embossed by hand by our bookbinder in Düsseldorf. And if engraving is desired then Jan will do the job for you. Making sure every single iPhone sleeve is uniquely striking.

And this is where our iPhone sleeves come from

We work with real people, who have names & who you can call at any time without worrying about time zones. They are part of our daily life and not just our suppliers because we actually work together. The leather is from Frankfurt and Pirmasens, the felt from Offingen and in Apolda our sleeves are manufactured in the most careful fashion by Ingo and his employees.

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More questions? No worries, we are always happy to talk to you and assist you in any way: info@germanmadepunkt.de