iPhone SE dock 

iPhone SE Docks

germanmade. is taking up established and popular designs for the iPhone SE and thus offers the probably most beautiful and functional solid wood solution which is available on the docking market today. The sleek docking stations are charging the iPhone SE comfortably and stylishly whether at home, at the office or on the go. 

A germanmade. docking station is making your daily iPhone routine a lot more convenient and above all more attractive.

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Our docks for the iPhone SE made from wood

Our classic is the germanmade. docking station is milled from birch multiplex and finished with a high quality HPL coating. The secure stand is ensured by non-slip rubber feet. The lightning cable is firmly kept in place with a EPDM support so that the iPhone SE can be easily placed on the connector. The iPhone can be charged, synchronised and also operated. Thanks to a cleverly designed mould in the wood, the home button can easily be accessed. So that even while placed in the docking station iPhone SE it can be unlocked via the fingerprint scanner.

iPhone SE Tobago docking station- solid wood

The Tobago docking station is milled, sanded and polished from a piece of solid wood. Then it is coated with a high quality oil that gives it a great finish and its unique look. The individual wood grain of each piece of wood ensures every docking station is a one-off. There is a wood variety for every taste- whether in oak, walnut or pear, the Tobago docking station enhances every desk.The milled slot offers room for all iPhone and iPad generations as well as all sorts of other things gathering around.

Which other Apple products can also fit into the docking station?

The 'vintage' iPhone has been equipped with the 8-pole lightning dock connector like all iPhones and iPads since 2012. The 4-pole lightning connector is not only smaller and usable from both sides, in contrast to its predecessor it can also transmit all signals digitally and provides a higher speed. The germanmade. dock can therefore be used with all generations of iPhones and iPads that are equipped with the lightning connector.

'Our wood is the real deal’

What is relevant for food is relevant for all everyday objects. It is common place nowadays to question where our milk, apples or butter come from. We should have an equally close eye on all materials that surround us and their origin. Just like us, when is comes to the wood for our iPhone SE docking station.

What sets a germanmade. docking station apart?

Not all docking stations are the same. germanmade. simply offers more. Not only function and style make the germanmade. dock unique. But the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry and we pay the employees of our manufactories fair wages for their work. Our partners are part of the germanmade. family and we are there for each other. This results in products that want to offer the highest quality for a fair price. The love and passion that go into each germanmade. product is what makes the difference. To us each product is so much more than just an object but a way of life.