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iPhone 12 Premium Protection - Leather cases, wallets and more for demanding consumers

I got iPhone 12 Pro in my mind, I got iPhone 12 Pro all the time, I got iPhone 12 Pro everywhere I go

It's that time of the year again and the air flirts with rumours, speculations, facts and a lot of wishes/hopes about the iPhone 12 Pro and its big and small siblings. Actually, in Apple's annual planning, Christmas is already in September for all of us and we are looking forward to the big launch date like little children, with our wish list in our hands. On it is written in big letters:

Dear Tim,

I would love to have the iPhone 12 Pro, with triple camera, night mode iOS 14, the new processor, OLED display... but if already sold out, I'll also take an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max or even the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Thanks a lot.


To complete the wish list, the germanmade case, sleeve or wallet for the iPhone 12 Pro is a must. Our g.4 leather case covers the iPhone 12 with wonderfully soft, sustainably tanned leather and wool felt. Thus well protected against shocks, scratches and changing or strong environmental conditions such as rain, sun and snow. The iPhone lies quickly in the hand - all you have to do is pull the pull tab. So the slim and NEW again angular design of the 12er generation does not have to be hidden by bumpers and covers, but lies naturally in the hand when you need it and is safely stowed away when we go through life.
An alternative for the iPhone 12 Pro is the leather case. Also made of chrome-free tanned leather and manufactured in a German manufactory, it not only offers easily accessible protection, but also offers space for the most important cards with 3 pockets for up to 9 cards and a further storage compartment for bills & co.

A personal side note at this point - I myself have been using our g.case for my iPhone since day 1 and it is my constant companion. It contains my most important EC- and ID cards and accordingly a few Euro notes. It completely replaces my wallet and fits in every jacket or coat pocket. Since then, my beloved L'etoile case Wallet lies at home or in the car with everything I don't use all the time and is waiting for a revival. The leather case will also be used again for my iPhone 12 Pro. Super protection, mega good feeling in the hand and always everything important with it.

Another all time favourite is our g.5 Wallet for the iPhone 12 Pro. For every gentleman with style, this combined sleeve and wallet case should be the perfect daily companion. Elegant and simple, the wallet lies well in the hand, flatters the senses with its fine leather and offers quick access to everything you need - iPhone 12 Pro, cards and cash. Fits in your jacket pocket and attracts the attention of your colleagues.