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Questions about our production process

Are germanmade. products the results of assembly line production?

No. As a consequence of our overall approach, it is part of our promise to you, that every single product leaving our warehouse will be the result of a thorough process involving handmade production and assembling here in Germany.Finalized by a rigorous quality control we make sure that each and every product lives up to your and our very ambitious expectations.

Are all germanmade. products also 'Made in Germany'?

Indeed, this is true for the production process itself, as well as for the origin of applied materials.


How does my iPhone / iPad hold onto the nano button?

The intelligent surface of the nano-pads sucks with countless tiny suction cups on the surface of the Bumper, the iPhone or the iPad.

It can be easily solved and used again. Please note, however, that the pads also become slightly dirty if you often loosen and reconnect the gadgets, or if the case lasts longer without content. Then the suction decreases and the surface of the nano-button can be cleaned with a damp cloth (WITHOUT CLEANER). Then let the button dry and insert the iPhone / iPad again.

Cleaning the nano-button

When the iPhone or iPad is often detached from the case, tiny dust and dirt particles get stuck in the suction cups and clog them up.

Please only clean the buttons with a damp cloth - NEVER WITH CLEANING AGENTS. Let the surface of the nano button dry completely and use your gadget as usual.

Is a germanmade. Case with nanofunction the right one for me?

If you use your iPhone / iPad mainly in the case and you do not need to solve it often, then you will enjoy using our nano cases for a long time.

If you are one of the users who often use the iPhone or iPad in different usage environments, we would basically make you a germanmade user. Cases with bumpers advise, otherwise the life of the Nano Button suffers greatly.

Why is my iPhone case delivered with additional bumper?

The iPhone 8 and newer is coated on the front and back with a fingerprint-resistant and grease-resistant surface. Neither our Nano-Button, nor anything else will hold that up. Therefore, but also for further protection, we deliver our iPhone cases with an additional bumper.

You have problems with the nano-button?

Please contact us directly, we are happy to help:

Questions about our iPad cases

Is the Sleep/Wake mode working for the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro?

Yes, our cases fully support the Sleep/Wake function.

Can I do the germanmade. Case also use as a stand for my iPad?

Yes, all current cases can be placed in different working positions.

How do I care for my germanmade. iPad Case?

The book cover made from book cloths is smudge-proof and can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. The faux leather / leather cases and sleeves are carefully selected and over time get a wonderful patina.

How do I maintain my germanmade. iPad case?

The hardcover is smudge-proof and can be cleaned with a moist cloth. Our faux leather and leather cases are chosen with extreme accuracy and get a great looking Patina.

What is the weight of the single cases?

The mass can be found under the respective product, under mass & material.

Are all iPad functionalities accessible while using a germanmade. case?

Yes, you get full functionality with perfect protection!

Can I put my iPad in the germanmade version including a silicone case?

Can I put my iPad in the germanmade version including a silicone case? Use Cases?

Are the germanmade. cases suitable for all iPads?

We offer individual solutions for all iPad versions in order to optimally respond to the conditions of the devices.

How can I individualize the iPad case?

Yes, all cases can be customized by name embossing. This can either be embossed on the outside center down ("cover page 1") or on the first inside center down ("cover page 2"). Of course, an even higher degree of customization (eg company logo) is possible, please contact in this case with your request directly to:

Where can I stamp an embossed name in my iPad case?

The embossing is centered at the bottom of the front cover and center down on the first inside. The font is Helevetica. On request we can also fall back on a Futura or a Bodoni.

How to emboss and what is still possible can be read and seen here.

In which writing is my name embossed?

Since the name is stamped in the old tradition with lead, we can only offer limited font types. The default font is Helvetica.

Here are examples of imprints and positions.

On request we can also fall back on a Futura or a Bodoni. Just write us an e-mail, we are happy to help:

Are iPad cases also suitable for corporate use and can you customize them with an embossed logo?

We are specialists in tailoring our products perfectly to the CI of your company. In terms of material, color and function, we can tailor ourselves to your needs and can also advise you competently and reliably.


For a personal contact and further information just contact us:

Questions about our Sleeves

My sleeve seems to very tight upon first receipt, is it going to chang

Normally we place the name embossings on the central bottom part of the front side. The iPhone sleeve allows for 10 characters, all other sleeves give you the possibility to use up to 30 characters.

Where exactly would you place my name embossing?

Normally we place the name embossings on the central bottom part of the front side. The iPhone sleeve allows for 10 characters, all other sleeves give you the possibility to use up to 30 characters.

How can I care for my sleeve?

If necessary, you can maintain the covers with a high-quality leather fat. Use a clean cloth and let the sleeve dry afterwards.In general, the leather sleeves develop with the use a beautiful patina, which reflects the character of our genuine leather.

Where can I find examples for embossing and engraving as well as positions on the germanmade. products?

Under the following link you will find a list of the personalization options offered by us: Customization: Embossing and engraving

I am looking for a incentives or custom made products for my business? With company logo?

No problem. We can supply large and small quantities. We customize each of our products according to your wishes, whether leather color, seam color, logo embossing or engraving.

You need a solution for another gadget? We are the right one for you.

Take a look e at a few of our already implemented projects.

Questions about delivery and customs

Who is your standard shipment partner?

We regularly employ services provided by UPS, DHL or TNT, while naturally making sure every shipment is being registered and insured. We ship all of our products in custom-made boxes, ensuring safe delivery.

Is an international shipment possible?

Yes. We deliver globally.

Are there any extra costs involved for international buyers

Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country. Customers outside of Germany are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees. These are not included in the cost of shipping. Please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. Customs, duty, and taxes are non-refundable.

What is to say about the packaging?

Our packaging is made from FCS certified material. Furthermore we do not use unnecessary packaging – for the good of the environment.

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