Bracelets by Lois Mathar

The timeless bangles made of high quality brass, copper and stainless steel impress with their simple elegance. Perfect craftsmanship meets real materials, creating life companions that decorate men and women equally. The artist behind Lois Mathar has been passionate and unconditionally dedicated to his craft for 50 years. Each unique piece is forged by his hands in his Munich studio. The bracelets are particularly characterized by the purity of their shape and the timeless aesthetics. They are reduced to the essentials: pure. massive and without logo.

He also transfers this clarity into the structure, there are 3 versions (narrow, medium, wide), three sizes (S, M, L) and three materials (copper, brass, stainless steel)

Why bracelets from Lois Mathar at germanmade.?

We think that Lois Mathar's bracelets wonderfully represent the values ​​behind germanmade. stand. Regardless of whether the quality of the materials, manufacturing or design requirements - a perfect match. A nice addition to our range and thus the first step into a new future.