iPhone X sleeves


Apple's new iPhone, the iPhone 10, is probably the most expensive smartphone the market has to offer. A smartphone of the top class, as critics say. We are actually very much looking forward to hold Apples iPhone Decade Edition in our hands. What does not really deminish the fear of dirt and scratches, or the possibility of bigger problems and damage. So our tip: Be safe and protect your iPhone X best from the start. We from germanmade. have been specialists for iPhone cases since 2010. We know exactly what is important and convince not only with design and style, but above all also with quality and function.Against external damages of the iPhone X helps probably only a good smart phone cover:


There were many rumors about the new iPhone X, the DECADE EDITION ("X" = roman for ten). Probably hardly a smartphone was expected with so much excitement, as the iPhone X. No matter what features Apple will anounce – critics, influencer and blogger have no doupt that it will be a top model. The reason is the 10th anniversary of Apple's iPhone. According to rumors, the new iPhone X is equipped with an OLED screen, which is completely convincing with a 5.8 inch large display. So the display is even bigger than the one of  iPhone 8 Plus. In addition to the edgeless iPhone display, the new iPhone X will have additional sensors, which means that the device reacts to finger movements at the edges and consists, as the Samsung Galaxy edition, completely from a display. With this fullscreen design for the new iPhone X, the familiar Homebutton would be omitted. Critics claim that the new Apple patent is finally coming to a new display technology.

This technology is to unlock the iPhone with a fingerprint, quite arbitrarily. To this new apple, there are also new features patented for the camera. Therefore, there is a front camera with a 3D laser scanner with face recognition. Also with this technology iPhone 10 can be unlocked.A further noteworthy innovation is the cordless charging of the iPhone X and thus also the elimination of the lightning charger. Whether a corresponding charging station is included with the delivery, has not yet been leaked yet. Would be expected at the price. Anyways, we from germanmade. will take care of a perfect iPhone Decade Edition docking station.

In terms of waterproofness, Apple has been working on a solution for a long time, and the iPhone X is, so it is rumored, equipped with the protection factor IP68. That means, who wants, can dive with his new iPhone up to thirty minutes and a water depth of up to 1.5 m, without any damages.


No matter what the iPhone X features, a case is always recommended. Protective covers are like sand at the sea, but also a lot of bad quality, which does not meet the new iPhone. However, with the new iPhone, all manufacturers of Apple accessories are challenged in a new way. The case, which is like a protective coat around the housing, could be a bit wrong when the new iPhone has the side-mounted sensors. The solution will  probably be our already proven, now also used for the iPad, nano technology. This is a Gekko film, which consists of thousands of small suction cups, which attach themselves to the iPhone. Either as a flip case or as a folding sleeve made of leather. The case is a case and offers space for the iPhone as well as space for cash, credit cards and papers. What we will definitely produce again is our classic: the perfect g.4 iPhone X sleeve. Made of vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt inside, it offers the perfect, comprehensive protection. So your iPhone DECADE EDITION is perfectly protected and can be quickly retrieved with a simple pull at the tab.


Meanwhile, many synthetic materials are used for iPhone cases, bags and cases. Synthetic, however, does not meet our taste, so we use only natural materials. For example the leather we use is the finest cow leather available. For some product lines we use thicker leather qualities. Our leather is tanned on vegetable basis. This is not only environmentally friendly but also preserves the naturalness of every skin and makes every one of our products unique. Depending on the product we also use natural wool felt. Incidentally, we receive our felt from one of the last real wool felt manufactures in Germany. Leather and wool felt provide the perfect qualities and are an absolute dream team. They provide protection from impact and scratches, but also for an ideal temperature compensation.


Our products are already unique because of their design, production and the use of the material. This is due to the naturalness of the materials used. However, not only this naturalness makes our products unique, but also the possibility that all our products can be customized with your desired name, company logo or life motto. Whether embossed or engraved. Nearly everything is possible.


Like our name germanmade. it already promises, we produce all our products exclusively in Germany. We do not mean, however, that we only sew together here, as so many others like to make and boast of being fair to produce. Our products have begun at the first line to the idea, to the cut of the materials up to the production to 100% made in Germany. Even all our materials come from Germany, except our leather, which we also refer to an Italian manufactory.


Due to our proximity to our material suppliers and factories, we are not only quick to respond to a trend or problem, but also to fulfill individual wishes and still guarantee fast delivery throughout Germany and even worldwide.