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iPhone products: sleeves, wallets and docking station

The iPhone family is continually increasing. We offer intergenerational quality products for iPhones. Sleeves and wallets made from real cowhide and docking stations made from wood.

Our leather sleeves and cases fit for iPhone 14/ Plus/ Pro/ Pro Max, iPhone 13/ mini / Pro/ Pro Max, iPhone 12/ mini/ Pro/ Pro Max, iPhone 11/ Pro/ Pro max and all earlier iPhone generations. Perfect protection and design at once. Our sleeves are truly caressing your hand.

iPhone sleeves for iPhone.

Back to Basic. The g.1 iPhone Sleeve is our basic variation for the iPhone SE. Just slide in your iPhone and get it out simple and easy without a strap. The form and the thin velour on the inside ensure the small form.

For odd birds.
For everyone who likes it somehow different, the g.2 is the perfect companion. The iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Xs. iPhone X and iPhone 8, as well as iPhoen SE sleeve in horizontal format offers a fast and easy grasp and even more space for bills and credit cards. .

Velcro open. Velcor close.
The g.3 sleeve is the classic in our program. Offering a perfect protection for the iPhone SE thanks to an integrated Velcro and velour in the inside.

Just pull the strap.
That’s the motto of our g.4 iPhone sleeve. You simply get it out by pulling the strap. You want to take some bills with you – no problem. A small card slot on the outside allows exactly this. The g.4 is available for all iPhone generations.

One for everything.
The g.5 iPhone 5 Wallet is a wallet and a phone sleeve and once. It offers sufficient protection for iPhone and (almost) every other smartphone. And more than that - space for credit cards and bills is also available.

Individual design.
The flip iPhone case, crafted in a German manufactory makes everything possible. Material and colour can be chosen. This way your unique product is created. An iPhone case only for You!

Design of the iPhone accessories.

Rounding and form of our iPhone accessories are the enlargement of the iPhone. Offering a holistic protection the form of our iPhone accessories transports the already pretty perfect apple design. The iPhone sleeves convinces with a distinctive typical germanmade. red stitching. The flip cases unite traditional booklook with modern gadgets. The wood cases dresses the iPhone in a natural look and the docking station stands up through its functionality and puristic design. It is the unity made from design*material*function, which makes the germanmade. accessories stand out of the crowd.

The iPhone accessories made from strong material.

Design and material are inseperable. Finding the right leather took some time. We wanted a leather, which feels like naturalness, warmth and dowiness. But at the same time a leather, which is strong enough to protect the iPhone accessories, and we found it. Colours possible: earth, vintage and night. The natural velours is sturdy, temperature-resistant and water-resistant. Perfect to protect the iPhone accessories. The wood for the iPhone cases are made from sustainable planted solid wood. The docking station is made from birchmultiplex and is milled accurately for the iPhone. It is our passion to choose the best and sustainable material. We only want the best four your iPhone.

Accessories designed for all generations of Apples iPhone.

Cases and docking station fits perfectly for iPhone 14/ Plus/ Pro/ Pro Max, iPhone 13/ mini/ Pro / Pro Max  and all earlier iPhone generations.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email. info@germanmadepunkt.de