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iPhone SE Accessories: Sleeves, Cases and Docking Stations 

You can find a wide range of sleeves, cases and docking stations for the 4-inch smartphone iPhone SE here. The accessories are made from natural materials such as leather, wool felt and wood and are manufactured in Germany.

We are happy to help you choose the right sleeve that protects your iPhone SE all day long: We offer models for various demands and situations and for everybody who values high quality, style and function. Across all iPhone generations our classic sleeves, cases and docking stations are especially popular.

Therefore it made sense that we took up our established designs for the iPhone SE as well.

iPhone SE Sleeves - Protection at its most attractive

Our sleeves for the iPhone SE are also handmade in Germany and are made from vegetable tanned cowhide, low in harmful substances and free of toxic chrome salts. The leather is roughened up after the gentle tanning process. Then it is treated with a special vegetable oil that creates the velvety look & feel and leaves room for some personal history. Over time the leather develops a beautiful patina that speaks of its owner. This turns your iPhone SE sleeve into something absolutely unique.

g.1 iPhone SE Leather Sleeve

The basic version from our creative hub is the g.1 iPhone SE leather sleeve with its distinct red seam. It offers a snug fit for your iPhone made from high quality cowhide and soft velour which makes the protective sleeve extra slim. The attached pocket offers space for important notes, banknotes or EC-/credit cards.

g.2 iPhone SE Pocket in Horizontal Format

Some like it a bit wacky. We do. This goes to show in the design of our g.2 iPhone SE pocket with its distinct red seam. The pocket for the 4-inch phone is created in a horizontal format. It has cowhide on the outside and soft wool felt on the inside. A slot offers room for banknotes or EC-/credit cards.

g.3 iPhone SE

The main classic among our classics is probably the g.3 iPhone SE sleeve with velcro. Open velcro, pop in phone, close velcro. It is that simple. The sleeve with its slim shape and precise fit offers great protection for your 4 inch smartphone. On the outside the sleeve is made from high quality cowhide and padded with soft wool felt on the inside. This provides extra protection from dampness, environmental influences and sudden impacts. Due its easy handling the iPhone SE sleeve is especially popular.

g.4 iPhone SE Protective Sleeve

Pull the strap, ready, steady & call! What sounds so easy, is that easy. Because nothing is worse than if the phone rings and it cannot be freed quickly enough from its sleeve. The easy handling combined with protection, style and high quality is what makes this g.4 iPhone SE Sleeve a true classic. A slot on the rear offers room for banknotes and/or EC cards. The distinct red seam gives the sleeve its unique look.

g.5 iPhone SE Wallet and Smartphone Sleeve

If you need more slots than the protective sleeve g.4 iPhone SE offers, then the g.5 iPhone SE wallet is the one for you. The sleeve does not only protect the 4-inch phone but also offers plenty of room with 6 slots for EC- and credit cards as well as 2 side pockets for the smartphone and banknotes or papers.

Elegant iPhone SE Dock Stations 

Our iPhone SE accessories would not be complete without our elegant docking stations made from wood.

Docking Stations made from Birch Multiplex

The germanmade. docking station made from birch multiplex with high quality HPL coating is our classic accessory. It charges the 4-inch phone conveniently and stylishly, whether at home, at the office or on the go. A secure stand is ensured by the rubber feet. The lightning cable is firmly kept in place with a EPDM support so that the iPhone SE can easily be placed on the connector. The docking station makes your daily iPhone routine a lot more convenient and above all more beautiful.

Tobago Docking Station- Solid Wood

The Tobago docking station is milled, sanded and polished from a piece of solid wood. Then it is coated with high quality oil that gives it a great finish and its unique look.

The individual wood grain of each piece of wood ensures every docking station is a one-off. There is a wood variety for every taste- whether in oak, walnut or pear, the Tobago docking station enhances every desk. The milled slot offers room for all iPhone and iPad generations as well as all sorts of other things gathering around.

Our germanmade. iPhone SE docking stations offer a lot more than function. They fuse style with sustainability and fairness. Proving that every docking station is definitely not the same.