iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max accessories made in Germany - uncompromisingly good protection for Apple products

iPhone 12 Pro Max and germanmade leather accessories - Match for a lifetime.

Like the makers of the most popular smartphone of all time, we at germanmade. are interested in long-term customer loyalty. How does that usually work? You offer something that makes you stand out from the crowd and thus create a special relationship with your customers.

We really make (almost) everything possible for our customers and put our heart and soul into the design and manufacturing of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max leather cases available on the planet. Every germanmade. Leather Case is processed by hand. Manufactured under fair conditions, in one of our factories in Germany. The materials used were carefully selected by our design team. The process of finding the right leather, the right felt, the right yarn, the real zipper or the best moneyclip was a big challenge for us when we started working with and for germanmade. In our times of fast consumption, availability and so many trends, it is anything but easy to find the real good. But we found what we were looking for and since then we have never deviated one step from our claim. That's why our range of products for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is also a little something special. Tailored to the peculiarities of the chrome-free tanned leather, the natural wool felt, which protects every device in such a natural and wonderful way.

Short discourse: What could be better than an iPhone case made of leather and felt? These two materials offer the best conditions to protect the Apple giant in the best possible way. In our blog article about leather and felt we work out the characteristics of really good leather and felt and find out that there really is no alternative if you are honest.


Back to the case, case wallet and sleeve from our design forge, which not only protect the Apple giant...

g.4 iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve: it is the classic from the germanmade. Portfolio and is now already in its 8th year. Perfectly adapted to the iPhone, it offers optimum all-round protection, while at the same time providing quick access through the practical pull tab.  So you have the angular new design of the iPhone 12 models in your hand when making a phone call or typing, without frills and bumpers. During transport, the largest of the iPhones introduced in 2020 is safely protected. Even against moisture, temperature fluctuations, shocks, dust and dirt, and falling from unknown heights. The wider, outer seam is a shock absorber and crumple zone. Because let's be honest, if you already carry a case with you, then it should do its job. Of course, there is also a slot in which you can store the most important cards or banknote(s).

Please note that the leather covers are deliberately made to fit perfectly, as the leather adapts and expands with use. As with a handmade pair of shoes, our sleeve must be used a few times before it has fully adapted to the behavior of its wearer.

g.5 iPhone 12 Pro Max Folio Wallet: Wallet and iPhone Folio in one. This elegant all-rounder has been designed in the design of the timeless wallet, so just open it and everything is available. One side pocket is the slide-in pocket for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the opposite side is space for banknotes, receipts & Co. The Wallet case offers a total of 8 compartments for up to 16 cards (even more if you need more). Here, too, our signature materials - vegetable tanned cowhide with natural wool felt - combine to create a cuddly, safe and adequate home for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Folio Case Simply the Case. A Foldable Case daef probably is not missing in any assortment and they are available in all possible colors and with many features. Also here - we keep it simple. Great leather, clear design and fair production make the perfect case for us. The clou about us is that you can also remove the bumper (we will come back to this in detail in a moment) and put it back in again. It is held in place by 2 Nano-Buttons, which hold the Bumper including iPhone 12 Pro Max securely in the case with the help of thousands of small suction cups. The Folio replaces the wallet completely for those who like it. The most important cards (4 pockets) are always with you and there is also enough room for banknotes in the side drawer.

The bumper is the only thing we cannot have manufactured in Germany. At least we haven't found a production for such products yet - especially since the now used cases are compostable. What? Yes! Finally an eco friendly case, 100% compostable. Made from flax shives and a plant based biopolymer, which are the basis for our cases. Ours is not quite right. We have been looking for an acceptable alternative to the silicone bumper for a long time and finally found it in China. Unfortunately no European representative. After a long period of consideration, we decided on the sustainable iPhone 12 Pro max case made of compostable materials and for a transparent communication with our customers. Of course we stay true to our motto and support our local manufacturers, it's just a bumper we buy with it.

All our iPhone 12 cases are available in 4 leather colors: earth (dark brown), night (black), stone (grey) and vintage (light brown/ camel). Of course we also have the matching cases for all other Apple devices. The uniform look is therefore available from us and to top it off, we can also provide you with a personalized embossing or logo embossing.