iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather
iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case  in brown, black, grey and camel leather

iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Leather Red

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Slim. Sexy. Smart.

Color Outside
  • Earth
  • Night
  • Vintage
  • Stone
Color Inside
  • Night
  • Passion





The Folio Case is made to fit the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It combines elegant protection for the iPhone with room for everything that needs to fit in a wallet. Just open it up and off you go. Of course, attention was paid to easy handling, the perfect camera cutout and access to all buttons and functions.


All our products are made of vegetable tanned leather. No toxic additives such as chrome are added in the tanning process. In addition, we only use the topmost, highest-quality layer of the leather skin and completely avoid artificial changes to our skins. germanmade. products proudly bear the small scars and characteristics that make leather so unique. With use, the leather cover only becomes more beautiful. The processed leather develops a natural patina that bears the marks of its owner. If necessary, you can treat the leather cover with a high-quality leather grease.


The bumper made of compostable materials is glued inside and offers perfect drop down protection due to the slightly raised frame. It is available in 4 colors (black, petrol blue, red and yellow), which can be selected individually during the ordering process.

The PLA case is completely biodegradable after disposal and is the best alternative to plastic and silicone cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Inside, on the left side, there are 4 pockets for up to 12 cards. Also a pocket for bills or other things. So the iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Leather replaces the wallet and everything is ready to hand. The perfect everyday companion.

Integrated stand-up function

The bend on the back of the case offers the possibility to stand up the iPhone in landscape mode.


Wireless charging is of course also possible with common inductive charging stations and the case. However, the use of the MagSafe is limited and therefore not optimal.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max Case transforms itself into an absolutely unique item by embossing, in the Helvetica font with up to 10 characters. We place the embossing 'outside centered below' on the cover. For a logo embossing or engraving please contact us directly.

Please note that individualized products cannot be exchanged.


All materials, used yarns or ribbons are hand selected and purchased in Germany. Also the production is 100% by hand and in our manufactory in Solingen, Germany. Our products are not only designed in Germany, but are truly MADE IN GERMANY. In this way we support the preservation of German craftsmanship.


We deliberately avoid unnecessary packaging. All packaging materials used consist of recycled paper.

We deliver within 1-2 working days by DHL, TNT and UPS. Personalized products are shipped within 2-4 business days.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case – dimensions

Dimensions unfolded: W 7.44“ / H 6.49“/ D 0.31"
Dimensions folded: W 3.54“ / H 6.49“/ D 0.31"
Weight: ca. 1.13 oz

iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case – smart choice of materials

Working with real leather is a passionate decision. Natural leather tells its own story and was not made into a compliant thing by machine. Unfortunately, there are only so few products in our world that are not standardized and pressed into a supposed perfection. As a result, we lose the sense of real things. Every germanmade. product retains the connection to nature and history. We combine state-of-the-art technology, in this case the OLED iPhone, with traditional craftsmanship and natural leather. You will feel and experience the difference, the leather lies silky soft in the hand and develops over time a unique patina.

It is available in 4 different colors - gray (stone), dark brown (earth), black (night) and camel (vintage).

We took much effort and reseach in answering the question about the perfect hold of the iPhone in the case. In the end, we have just found the right material for the Magic holder of the iPhone 12 giant leather folio. A strong foil, which with its thousands of small suction cups keeps the bumper, made from biodegradable components, your iPhone safe in the case and yet can be easily removed and reused. A tip from our lab: If you feel that the suction force is easing, simply clean the adhesive foil with a damp cloth, let it dry and then stick the biodegradable bumper, made from vegetal components, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max back into the g.case. Done!
Real leather is a natural product. There might be slight color variations since every hide takes up the color differently.

According to your wishes we make an absolutely unique iPhone 12 Pro Max leather case with an individual embossing.

The blind embossing is done in the font "HELVETICA". The text to be embossed can be a maximum of 15 characters long and is embossed on the outside of the iPhone 12 Pro Case 'bottom center'. Your processing time will be extended by 1-4 days. 


We emboss exactly according to your data. Please pay close attention to upper/lower case and spaces. If possible, do not use special characters, as not all of them are available in our fonts. 

Articles with individual embossing can unfortunately no longer be returned.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case – Gekko foil? How does this work?

It took a lot of research and many tests to find the right material. The used nano pads now adhere to thousands of micro suction cups on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, or just any other bumpers that you want to use as extra protection. We supply the leather folio with a thin biodegradable Bumper, which we already put on the Nano-Button. Just click on your iPhone and let's get started.

The iPhone giant can easily be removed from the bumper and inserted again. But also the bumper itself can be solved by the Gekko button. Should the suction decrease a little, just clean the Gekko foil with a moist cloth, let it dry and afterwards place your iPhone 12 Pro Max in the g.case again. The adhesive force will be fully restored after cleaning.

4 Reviews

Beautiful & Functional
I just received my case. It is beautiful. I have a matching sleeve (black leather w red stitching) and will use this new GM case as a iPhone wallet. I have purchased several items from GM and always find them well made, functional and beautiful.
By Chris on 03/23/2021

Just got mine today and it's great! Worth every cent of it's price
By Michael on 02/02/2021

Qualitativ hochwertig!
Schön verarbeitet. Genug Platz für Karten, Scheine und iPhone.
By Christian on 02/02/2021

Begeisterung pur
Begeisterung pur. Tasche 1A gefertigt, dickes Leder welches nicht wie viele andere lackiert ist sondern sich sehr wertig und natürlich anfühlt. Definitiv wird diese Hülle eine Patina bekommen, ggf an einigen Stellen etwas speckiger werden aber so ist das halt mit Echtleder. Nähte scheinen top verarbeitet zu sein, die Kameraaussparung sitzt genau. Entgegen der Fotos sind 2 Saugnäpfe verklebt, diese halten mein iPhone sicher (jedoch bin ich dennoch vorsichtig, denke aber das passt top). Habe eine Silikonhülle vonm NICA Berlin und die klebt super an den beiden Geckofolien. Tasche steht ein wenig offen (dh der Deckel), so dass die Hülle auf dem Kopf auf dem Tisch liegt, mit Kameraaussparung nach oben zeigend. Vllt gibt sich dies. DEFINITIV Kaufempfehlung, ich werde sicherlich ein Fan.
By Stephan on 01/29/2021

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