Finally, the iPhone Xr presents itself in a Lite version and 5 great colors to Apple’s followers.

The successor to the iPhone 8 presents itself in the look of the iPhone XR, without a home button, and with a great screen diagonal of 6.1 inches. Somewhat more affordable is the new draft horse from the Apple home by using the best LCD panel with Liquid Retina display. However, the price is still a little more important to protect your new iPhone Xr. Here we come from germanmade. in the game. The successor to the iPhone 8 presents itself in the look of the iPhone X, without a home button, and with a great screen diagonal of 6.1 inches. Somewhat more affordable is the new draft horse from the Apple home by using the LCD panel. However, the price is still a little more important to protect your new iPhone XR. Here we come from germanmade. in the game.

True to the motto „birds of feather flock together“, we have put together only the best and most beautiful sleeves, cases and wallets for the iPhone XR. Vegetable tanned leather - a real flatterer, high-quality wool felt from one of the last real felt manufacturers from Germany, the latest nanotechnology, German workmanship, reduced design and comprehensive protection coupled with cleverness. Convinced? Then find here our range of iPhone XR accessories.

  • iPhone XR Sleeves


    The design company from Cupertino has finally responded to the wishes of the Apple disciples and brought a price-friendly version of the iPhone XS on the market. The Apple community celebrates this and speculates that the iPhone XR will be the blockbuster. The use of an LCD panel - instead of an OLED display - is responsible for the price reduction and makes the iPhone Xr optically appear the DECADE EDITION, but for something wider and higher.
    Even though Apple's bestseller is cheaper, it's still an investment and it wants to be securely protected. Here we come from germanmade. in the game. For more than 8 years now, we have been concentrating on the perfect protection and making custom-fit cases, bags and cases for all iPhone models.

  • iPhone XR cases


    Great design and protection belong together for us, like Adam and Eve. And sometimes it may be a bit more, because our LCD iPhone (iPhone Xr) is dear to us and it was expensive. In addition, you take it several times a day to hand, and you should be happy by doing son - not only about the content, but also about the packaging. What looks good should feel good too. And we've definitely done that with our iPhone XR cases. In close cooperation with our manufactory custom-made iPhone Xr cases have been created in the best quality.

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iPad Air (2019) Case, Bag & Case

As with the choice of the right tablet, the decision to find the right accessory is also important. For some, the ideal iPad Air case is perhaps the right choice for the other, the iPad Air Case. We clarify:

iPad Air Sleeves:

We have a custom-fit iPad Air sleeve and an iPad Air bag with room for documents, charging cables and more. The precisely fitting case provides space for tablet and Apple Pencil, is lined with natural wool felt and ensures optimal all-round protection. The leather case with space can be used in a variety of ways and serves not only as an iPad Air 2019 sleeve, but also as a bag for other moments. Everything in and zip. Optically, it also fits every occasion. For some order inside, make a small separate pouch.

iPad Air bag:

Our bag is not made specifically for the iPad Air 2019, but a leather business bag, which optimally stows the iPad Air and also offers space for notebooks up to 13-inches, along with storage space for charging cables, documents, pens and more.

iPad Air (2019) Case:

Granted, cases are a dime a dozen, as well as bags and cases, but our iPad Air case is something very special. A pure handmade product, which is manufactured here in the Düsseldorf media harbor in a traditional bookbinding manner. The iPad Air Case is sturdy, yet lightweight, and offers tailored protection, as well as a workstation-to-go. Just open, fold, work.

Pad Air Accessories: The Materials

Although our products are very different, they all have a lot in common. They are made of vegetable-tanned cowhide. A leather that has not been pseudo-refined and reflects a perfect skin that is full of toxic pollutants, but a leather that is free of polluting chemicals and tells of the past of the cow. Dyed, as gentle as possible, our leather not only flatters your iPad Air, but also your skin. Between earth, vintage and night you have to decide with us, which is difficult, because the leather colors are all beautiful. As soft as the leather itself and so open-pored that it quickly reveals not only the story of the cow, but soon your own, because after a short time of use, the leather develops a user-specific patina that your germanmade. Make a product unique.

Our iPad Air 10.5 "cases, on the other hand, are made from natural leather-impregnated book cloths. Here you are spoiled for choice, the color options are varied. But if you want it to fit, for example with its Organizer (LINK) or the iPhone case (LINK), the iPad Air Cases are also available in leather.

iPad Air products from Germany

We are called germanmade, because all our products are made in Germany. Here is our personal origin. We like to promote the domestic economy, the short communication channels, the quick accessibility and last but not least the quality offered by our manufactories. Our way is confirmed, because we have been around for over 8 years now. In such a highly competitive market, no ease, but we remain true to and appreciate our customers.

Personalized iPad Air Products

Looking for personalized iPad Air products? No problem! We can do that. Whether by laser beam or hot stamping we bring to the iPad Air products what you want and the space gives. Also larger quantities, individually made products, corporate gifts, a cigar case for the grandfather, the knitting needles bag for the grandmother, the ring pillow for the wedding. What can I do for you? There is not, there is not. Sometimes it's not worth it, but we talk about it. Just ask us.


Whatever your claim to iPhone XR accessories, we'll do our best to end your search with us. Whether your request for a custom-fit protective cover, or a flip-up smartphone case with storage compartments for everything you need in everyday life. To insert, plug in, push in. Whether iPhone XR case, bag or case. We have a lot in store. Although they look the same, the differences are immense. Who has the desire for absolute protection, should therefore pay particular attention to the accuracy of fit. Well-made seams, edges and lining are just as crucial. We from germanmade. fulfill exactly this requirement. But we can do it, because protection alone is not enough for us. The high quality starts with us already in the selection of materials. Only the symbiosis of care, a high quality thinking, craftsmanship and the right choice of materials makes in our opinion a premium product.  We do not only spoil your most important piece, but also your senses. Made of velvety-soft, yet robust cowhide (vegetable tanned) outside and natural wool felt inside, there is hardly a better all-round feel-good program for you and your iPhone. Since the decision is almost easy. What may be more difficult for you is the decision which iPhone Xr LCD accessory will ultimately protect your smartphone. Perfect fit, or rather with free space and space for more than for your smartphone?


Sleeves and cases are available like sand on the sea. We prefer to concentrate here. We know our strengths and draw on over 8 years of experience selling our iPhone sleeves.
We offer custommade leather sleeves with a pull, as well as casually cut magnetic-clad covers and wallets made  for the iPhone XR, providing extra space for credit cards, documents and bills.
Everyone gets their money's worth here. Speaking of costs. We manufacture highest quality sleeves and cases, made from finest leather and natural felt by hand and in Germany. We won't compete with mass production. Our customers appreciate our products and remain loyal to us - from iPhone to iPhone - to iPhone.


We could produce in China. Then we could not only offer our products much cheaper, but also achieve a high profit. Despite relatively high import costs. Could we. Why not? Just doesn't feel right to fool our customers and it is not matching our ideas of quality and sustainablity.

Our name germanmade. is program and explains our philosophy and way of working, exactly. Our entire product range is 100% made in Germany. Some accessories, such as our vegetable tanned leather, we must obtain from abroad. Here we are supplied from Italy. Our natural wool felt, on the other hand, comes from one of the last real wool felt factories in Germany. We do design in the middle of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here we also produce a large part. We produce special leather bags and iPhone cases and bags in the east of Germany. The proximity to our suppliers, leather studios, to our bookbinders and other partners enables us not only fast and direct communication, but also very short ways and a high degree of flexibility towards our customers.


We from germanmade. have been manufacturing covers, bags and cases for Apple's products since 2010. We know the market and the needs. We've already tried a lot, even iPhone cases made of wood. Beautiful! Supple in the hand, very individual and an absolute magnet for other people. The envy was sure. But as it sometimes is, you have to kill your darlings. Wood is so fragile, and we denied to soak it in chemicals to transform the natural beauty into plastic. Such a wooden case is undoubtedly made for design lovers, because it is almost not practical enough for everyday life and sufficient protection is not offered. Our claim was not only the form, the protection, the function and the material, but above all the longevity. So after a lot of try and error, we decided to stick to what we know best - leather and felt.

Our materials are coordinated and the perfect partner. Hard-wearing, durable, strong in character, let's face it, good leather just gets better with age. The leather is also vegetable tanned. This means free from to c and polluting chromium salts and low in pollutants. But that's not all. Of course, the best material will not hurt you if it's not processed properly. We process all materials in small factories in Germany. Here we have found the best of the best for us. Real traditional businesses that were born into the craft. But not only that has moved us to cooperation, but also proximity. We like short ways. To communicate, to react or just to chat. Contact care must be and that is very important to us. So we have been maintaining a very friendly relationship with our manufacturers for over 8 years.


Our iPhone XR accessories are as individual as you are. All cases, bags and cases carry their very own history, not least because of the gentle treatment of natural materials. None of our products is estranged by us through pseudo-refinement. Be it the scars on the leather, by mosquito bites and fights or the branches in the wood, which can not be avoided. We like this naturalness and that no product is 100% like the other. Most importantly, we like how the leather changes and, through some time of use, develops personal characteristics and user-specific patina. Personalized with your desired embossing or engraving, the product becomes your very own unique piece. It does not matter if it's your initials, your life motto or your favorite saying. We emboss or engrave what you want. Even your logo. Only the space depending on the product is limited.


You are an entrepreneur and want to equip your employees with iPhone Xr accessories, which not only looks valuable, but also conveys values? Represents your brand message and is produced in Germany under environmentally friendly production method? Then you are exactly right with us. We can produce large, but also small quantities. Small budget, but also big budget. Just talk to us, we can do a lot, not only iPhone Xr accessories: info@germanmadepunkt.de