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Finally, the iPad Air family was enriched after just 2 years break to another member. The iPad Air 2019 with a screen size of 10.5 inches and a retina display is discussed among the insiders as the competitors to the iPad Pro 11-inch.

Let's face the facts: The new iPad Air is first class. A tablet with an excellent display, good runtime, great performance, a less good camera, not quite as good speakers but for a good price-performance. Although the FaceID is missing, what does not harm its use.

Making a decision whether to choose the iPad Air 10,5-inch 2019 model or the iPad Pro 11-inch is much more difficult than to go for the right accessories, which you will find right here:

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    iPad Air (2019) sleeves & bags

    Although the market is full of iPad Air (2019) cases and bags, some people may not like off-the-peg products and are looking for something special. With soul. Something what brings joy with every touch and sight. If you are looking for something like this, you will like what we have to offer with iPad Air (2019) accessories. We try to reach you with all senses. Granted, tasting and hearing is a bit difficult here, but for sure you will love feeling and smelling our products and your heart will be served as well.

  • iPad Air (2019) Cases

    iPad Air 10,5" Cases: Slim, functional, stable 

    The best cases for the 10.5 "iPad Air 3 (2019).

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