iPhone 8 Plus cases

iPhone 8 Plus cases

There are actually too many accessories for the new iPhone 8 Plus such as cases, sleeves, bags and wallets on the market. So we decided to make a difference and made it our task to manufacture especially high-quality accessories. By hand. In German plants using sustainable materials. Because it is important to us and iof you clearly think about, there is no choice. Each of our iPhone 8 Plus Cases consists of carefully selected materials. Made from vegetable tanned leather or hard-wearing English Buckram. With our range of iPhone 8 Plus products there is something for every taste. From fold-out iPhone 8 plus cases made of leather and wool felt for the absolute all-round protection, with many storage possibilities for EC or credit cards, papers and documents, up to iPhone 8 Plus ases from booklinen, made in traditional bookbinder style, with installation function and latest nanotechnology. Or are you looking for a classic leather case for your iPhone 8 Plus? You can find them here.


Our classic is the iPhone 8 Plus leather wallet to unfold. Made of high quality, vegetable tanned leather, the iPhone 8 Plus Case provides a velvety soft surface and a comfortable feel. Inside, a solid, natural wool felt provides the absolute all-round care and embeds your iPhone 8 Plus in additional protection. In addition to space for the giant, up to 16 ID- or credit cards as well as papers and documents can be found in our classic case. The perfect iPhone leather case for those who like to store everything they need in everyday life in one place and prefer not to use an additional wallet. Small money can only be kept separately.


If you are looking for a Flip Case with some additional function, then our iPhone Slim Case XL is perfect for you. Like our classic, this case can be opened with a casual hand movement and your iPhone 8 Plus is ready to be used. Whether you want to make a phone call or simply relax or watch a movie. The perfect case for you when it has to go fast. The case is made by hand, from a solid Z-cardboard and hard-wearing book linen. State-of-the-art nanotechnology keeps your iPhone 8 Plus bomb-proof and as if by ghost hand. This is ensured by thousands of microscopic suction cups, which suck on the back of the iPhone 8 Plus and keep it safe. If that is not safe enough, simply use an additional bumper. More protection and function is really not.


Our name germanmade. does not come from somewhere. He describes exactly what we stand for: german + made = Made in Germany. All our iPhone 8 Plus accessories as well as all other products from our company, such as leather bags, wallets, key fobs and more, are 100% made in Germany. Scattered all over the country, our network of genuine craftsmen, such as Lederateliers, bookbinders and more. Being close to us means less time on the road, less transport costs, shorter processes and faster response times, which also saves resources. We can react to special requests, ensure an extraordinary quality and are reachable quickly. Also for our companies and also for you.


We from germanmade. not only produce products like the iPhone 8 Plus Case, which we distribute through our own online shop and authorized websites, but also love to produce for other companies. Maybe for you? We can handle small and big budgets. Small and large number of pieces. We arrange trade show hostesses with leather bags, iPad cases, iPhone sleeves and more; develop products for your company, for your brand, supervise the production process to completion and all this under your name. We negotiate for you and get the best out for you. How so? Because we know how to do this and so you can take care of marketing your company. Or are you just looking for an innovative gift? To the company jubilee or the Christmas party? For your customers and employees? Nothing easier than that. Your logo, engraved or embossed, on our iPhone 8 Plus Cases, Cases, Bags and more. Much is possible. If you like what we do, just let us talk: info@germanmadepunkt.de


We like our products to live longer than the gadgets they protect. The first thing we see is real value. It is not only our german production, but above all our exquisite choice of material, that is decisive. It took many (teaching) years until we came across the perfect ingredients we use for our iPhone 8 Plus cases, leather covers, bags and other accessories. We know leather is not leather. Until we have found the supplier of our trust, a lot of time has elapsed and much experience gained. The leather we use is vegetable-tanned without additives of toxic chromium salts and pollutants, such as conventional leather. This gives our leather this velvety-soft handle as well as an open-pore and breathing-active surface with a distinctive structure. Because every skin is different and this reflects the natural tanning. Here nothing is artificially refined and made to pretend to be something, it will never be.