iPad sleeves

iPad Sleeves: Design & Function Made in Germany

We are called germanmade. because all our products are " Made in Germany". Just like our iPad 9.7" sleeves. We are not only dedicated to a local and fair production but also in particular to high quality and longevity, short distances and direct communication with our partners.

Our iPad 9.7" sleeves are made from vegetable tanned cowhide.

The leather is breathable and free of chromium salts. A true pleasure to hold and behold. As with the choice of the materials for the iPad sleeves, we take equal care with our design. Functional, simple and reduced to the essentials. Each iPad bag is unique and we can also engrave or emboss your name, motto or lucky numbers on the case of your choice and make each iPad 9.7" truly personal and unique. Now you only have to choose.


iPAD CASES- Design and function

Our 9.7" iPad sleeves offer protection, teamed with design and function. Innovative, authentic, cool. We also really like it. A case that not only protects our iPad 9.7 inch from scratches and sudden impacts but also is part of our life and a long term companion. Made from the finest cowhide, free of chromium salts, vegetable tanned and dyed with colours low in harmful substances. A real pleasure for the senses and the equipment alike and 100% made in Germany.


ZIP iPAD SLEEVE- The cover with the zip

True to our motto "One sleeve for all occasions", our iPad 9.7" zip sleeve stows not only the iPad with 9.7 inch display but also all of its accessories like charger, smartphone and more. Therefore you don't have to search for important items at the bottom of your bag any longer but can start working straightaway. The ZIP iPad sleeve is made from one piece of vegetable tanned cowhide. A long zip that runs across two sides can be opened wide and ensures easy handling. If you require more protection for the 9.7" iPad, then there is enough room for a custom-fit, protective cover as well. The best thing is that the sleeve can also be worn as a clutch in the evenings and so you never have to be parted from it again. A personal engraving or embossing makes your ZIP iPad sleeve truly unique.


9.7" iPAD CLASSIC- The classic sleeve

Our custom-made protective cover with red seams is our trademark just as the wooden cases are and was designed to be a iPad classic. The protective sleeve gently embeds the iPad 9.7" in high quality, vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. The design is simple and elegant. We like it discreet yet eye catching. The natural wool felt on the inside of the cover offers additional protection from sudden impact, temperature changes and moisture. The distinctive red seams add to the look and an embossing or engraving of your choice makes your iPad classic truly unique.