iPhone 11 sleeves

iPhone 11 sleeves – a hand-stitched premium design and protection

The iPhone 11R: Are you also wondering what the 'R' stands for? Radiant? Radical? Randibambam? Real? We don't know. But what we do know is who made the iPhone 11 sleeves. We also know that all iPhone cover are crafted with lots of love and attention to detail. Sleeve after sleeve. The sleeves are Hand-stitched from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. We updated our top sellers for the iPhone 11 so you can become a fan as well.

iPhone 11 sleeves – a perfect cooperation

Our iPhone 11 Sleeves – products with soul for people with heart and mind. We have a professional network transverse through Germany and wonderful partners with who we are able to realize all of our products. We deliver the design and take care of the material supplies. One of the oldest leather manufactories in Germany produces with passion and experience every single iPhone 11 sleeve. Mainly made by hand and 100% in Germany.
Why are we doing it like this? Because it makes sense. It maintains the crafts, guarantees quality and short distances. A perfect cooperation.

This is what our iPhone 11 sleeves stand for

Our iPhone 11 sleeves do not only look good but there is one thing especially well: they protect. They protect your LCD iPhone from impacts, temperature changes and humidity. Additionally they offer space for small things you would like to carry around with yourself.
The g.4 sleeve has emerged as the absolute bestseller of the germanmade. family. Therefore we transformed this sleeve for the iPhone 11. It offers fast access to your smartphone due to a pull strap. Made from high-quality calf leather and lined with natural wool felt. Quite simple.
The g.5 iPhone 11 Wallet is iPhone protection and wallet at once. With one handle you are going to have everything together you are looking for – smartphone, credit cards and bills. The search is over.

My iPhone 11 sleeve bears my name

Our iPhone 11 sleeve turn into an absolutely unique piece due to an embossing or a laser engraving. We place your name, your company logo or the motto of your life on the sleeve. Individually according to your wishes. Whether lasered or embossed, it will make your iPhone 11 sleeve your life’s companion. We will advise you personally. Just write us your request and we will take care. info@germanmadepunkt.de