Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather

Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather – design and protection at once

The Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather does not only great, but mainly protects your Microsoft Surface perfectly from any outer influence, like impacts, moisture and temperature. The protective sleeve consists of a combination of vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. Each Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather is handmade in our partner manufactory. Best quality, best craftsmanship for your Microsoft Surface. What a beautiful protection!

Microsoft Surface sleeves from leather – with heart and reason

The Microsoft Surface sleeves are 100% made in Germany. Since the selection of the material, a special processing, short ways and direct communication are at our hearts. We only work together with talented German craftman’s establishments and suppliers of our trust. Like this we are able to guarantee that in every product is put the attention and experience you deserve.

Microsoft Surface sleeves from leather – What are they capable of?

We cannot protect your Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Pro 7 from crashes on the inside. But from the ones on the outside. Robust but yet smooth leather and the velvet like wool felt wrap themselves around your Microsoft Surface like a second skin and therefore establish the perfect security. Now you will be able to drop your sleeve – even without a rude awakening! The felt alone already has the best properties: moisture repellent, absorbing and resilient against heat and cold. Design and material complement each other at our Microsoft Surface sleeve ideally. A fast grasp of your Microsoft Surface and your pull your Tablet easily from its secure sheating. As time passes you will notice, how much you will like it to store your Microsoft Surface in its sleeve again and again. It just feels way too good.

My Microsoft Surface sleeve from leather – One personalisation please

The Microsoft Surface sleeve alone already draws all the attention to itself. We additionally like to make that everyone will ask you about it: to receive attention, the Microsoft Surface sleeves get an embossing or engraving with your name, your company logo or your favourite motto. No problem for us. We are even able to realize more, if that is what you are looking for. We are happy to answer all of your questions.