iPhone 7


It is not always easy to find the suitable iPhone accessories for your Apple product. Looking online is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The most important question is what you demand of your iPhone 7 products. If you are looking for stylish iPhone 7 sleeves, cases and docking stations that are fairly produced and exclusively made from premium materials, then you have come to the right place: germanmade.

Your requirements are our challenge. Convince yourself.

Have a look through our beautiful range of handmade iPhone 7 accessories made from natural materials like vegetable tanned leather, wool felt and wood. The sleeves, cases and docking stations convince not only with puristic design and function but also with real craftsmanship. Fair and eco-friendly production, 100% made in Germany.


Not all mobile phone covers are the same. Should your iPhone 7 sleeve offer protection but also be stylish? Moreover, it shouldn't be too big so it can fit in your pocket but it needs to be sturdy enough so it can sufficiently protect your smartphone. Would you like to store the odd credit card or perhaps even several? 

No problem, our iPhone 7 covers offer more than simple protection and style. They are true design classics that convince with a fusion of quality and function and also have room for credit- or business cards.

We offer something for everybody. We can please the pragmatic aesthetes among you with a case from finest cowhide combining the latest technology with great comfort, as well as the more concerned customers who want to make sure their iPhone 7 is very well protected in a custom-fit leather sleeve padded with wool felt. See for yourself and check out our range here:

g.Case iPhone 7: Function meets puristic design and the latest nanotechnology. For our iPhone 7 case manufactured from vegetable tanned leather is being held as if by magic. Meanwhile our g.Case iPhone 7 also stores your most important cards and notes. A strong foil ensures a great hold keeping the iPhone 7 in place with thousands of tiny suction cups. However, it can easily be removed and inserted again.

g.4 iPhone 7 Sleeve: We understand that not everybody feels comfortable if the rather highly priced iPhone 7 is held as if by magic. Therefore we also have our germanmade. classic on offer. Simply pull the strap and the iPhone can be removed from its custom-fit protective cover from vegetable cowhide and natural wool felt. One card or a bit of cash can be stowed in a slot on the outside of the sleeve.

g.5 iPhone 7 Wallet: Our exquisite classic that offers room for up to 12 credit cards and notes and above all safely stores your iPhone 7. Easy handling, multifunction and sophisticated design are what make this iPhone 7 wallet so convincing.


Constantly searching for your smartphone is no fun. The iPhone is always charged in different places. Why not in a docking station that is kept in one place? Give your iPhone a rest and place it stylishly on one of our iPhone 7 docking stations. Here it can recharge peacefully. Like our iPhone sleeves and cases, the iPhone 7 docking stations are manufactured by hand in Germany with a great love for quality, design and function. They are milled, sanded and polished by hand either from sturdy birch multiplex or from a piece of solid wood.

iPhone 7 Docking Station: Our premium docking station is already a true germanmade. classic. It is manufactured from birch multiplex, milled with great precision and finished with a high quality HPL coating in black or white. Rubber feet ensure a secure stand and protect your surfaces from scratches. Here your iPhone 7 is not only kept safely but can also be operated easily.

Tobago Docking Station: A piece of solid wood guarantees order on your desk and also offers your iPhone 7 a safe place. The unique grain of each piece of wood makes each iPhone Tobago Docking Station a true original. 



Are you an entrepreneur or are you managing a business and looking for elegant iPhone 7 accessories that you can identify with? As equipment for your own office or as a present for your business partners? Then talk to us. We can do a lot; for a small as well as a big budget. info@germanmadepunkt.de


Personalise your iPhone 7 accessories with your name or motto. There might not be room on the sleeves, cases and docking stations for all you want to say but certainly enough for the most important message.


It is not quite clear yet if the company from Cupertino will release an iPhone 7 Pro additionally to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Regardless, we have leather, needle and thread at the ready and cannot wait for the iPhone 7 release. Even if not all is known yet, one thing is for sure: that we will offer great custom-fit iPhone 7 accessories.