iPhone 7 docking station 

iPhone 7 docking station

There might be many copies but only one true original: the germanmade. iPhone 7 docking station is the universal classic. It does not only fit the iPhone 7 but all the existing iPhones with lightning connector as well as the iPad minis, Airs and Pros. A docking station for all of the 'Apples', so to speak. What else could a discerning disciple wish for?

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The Ultimate iPhone 7 Docking Station 

There can only be the one. The birch multiplex our iPhone 7 docks are made of comes from sustainable forestry. Every single piece is milled at our manufactory at Lake Constance. It is then polished by hand at a workshop for people with disabilities. Each docking station is lovingly packaged and a 'How to use' card is enclosed. How does it perform? The iPhone docking station does what it should. Charging, looking good and giving your tired hands a rest while chatting, voice mailing or skyping and simply making you happy. How? Because it isn't just an eye-catcher but also produced fairly and locally. It doesn't only make sense but also makes the world a bit of a better place. For when should we become active and involved if not right here and now?

The Tobago docking station is designed and manufactured by our friends. An all-rounder that puts your desk in order. Here, the iPhone 7 can be stored securely, charged and admired. It makes typing so much easier and there is also room for anything from love letters to unpleasant bills as well as your favourite pens.

iPhone Dock? What for?

The right kind of docking station charges your iPhone 7 comfortably and synchronises your data with the Mac or PC. It makes life with your iPhone easier, no matter where or when you use it. Whether at home or at the office, it provides a real improvement in handling your iPhone 7.

Which docking station do I need for my iPhone 7?

As all Apple devices since 2012, the iPhone 7 has a so-called Lightning Dock Connector. It is smaller and easier to handle, much faster during the digital signal transmission and can be used from both sides. Therefore, all docking stations fit the iPhone 7 that have a lightning connection or an appliance for the lightning cable. 

Which Apple products is my iPhone 7 suitable for?

It would be rather wasteful if the docking station would only fit one Apple product. This is why we offer one product for all, in Apple terms this means:

iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone Pro, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and 9.7"iPad Pro.

Dock Total

The unique customising possibilities are another reason why the germanmade. docking station stands out. Using the latest techniques, we can laser your name, the company logo, the initials or your motto into the wood. So the eye-catcher on your desk does not only serve a purpose as a design- and technology product, but also offers the ideal background for your individual message.

If you have any questions or would like an individual offer? please contact us at info@germanmadepunkt.de