Laptop bag leather

What laptops want. Function + Material + Design

Normally you do change your laptop once a while, but the germanmade. laptop bag made from vegetal tanned leather and handmade in Germany will stay with you once you own it. Because this bag is perfectly designed, well planned and becomes more beautiful when you use it. And it’s 100% made in Germany.
Unique selling point: The material chosen and the way of production. It is our passion to design and produce products offering you long-lasting pleasure. Besides your laptop this bag offers place for more – charging gear, smartphone, paper and pen.

Our Laptop Bag. – Perfectly designed

You can feel it with the first touch. This laptop bag is made from real calf leather, means high quality. And besides that we have chosen a zipper, which safely closes this well-planned bag. Convince yourself.

The material is decisive. A Laptop Bag made from leather

germanmade. did invest a lot of time in choosing the right material. Material you will associate with naturalness, warmth and downiness but nevertheless gives the structure and strength we need for this ultimate bag. Made from vegetal tanned leather, little irregularities and pits go with this leather. The leather we use for the germanmade. laptop bag is not spitted or imprinted but roughened and treated with a natural oil. That is how the leather becomes soft as velvet – a typical characteristic of all germanmade. products. With age the leather Laptop Bag gets a wonderful patina and your laptop bag will be even more unique than before.
To protect your laptop bag wax and ointment can be used. Just rub it with a dry cloth and wait until the ointment will be absorbed.
That’s how long lasting quality is created.

Laptop Bag, make it your own unique bag

It’s your choice. Do you like it simple or do you want to make sure whose property it is. Everything is possible with an individual embossing or engraving. Chose your name, company CI or a personal drawing and make this special Laptop Bag your personal companion for life.

And that is where the Laptop Bag comes from

We do cooperate with manufactories in Germany. Companies that convert our ideas in real products. The leather we use to craft these products comes from Frankfurt (Germany) and Parmesans (Italy). We are lucky to work with so talented bag makers in Germany.

You want to know more or you are intersted in other products, like our Mousepad? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.