iPhone 11

iPhone 11 accessories - sleeves, wallets and cases

There are a great number of iPhone 11 accessories available on the market. Anything goes, from a sparkly to a neoprene sleeve. There is something for everyone. But this is not good enough for us, to just produce another one of many iPhone accessories. We want to craft and sell products that we truly believe in and which are not second best to the remarkable design and quality of the iPhone 11.

We solely use high quality materials and produce without exclusively in Germany. Many of our manufacturing processes are done by hand. That is very important to us. It makes the essential difference. Quality you can see and feel.

iPhone 11 accessories: Design and protection at once – our sleeves

One learns from his experience. We took the bestsellers of our leather sleeves and adapted them as iPhone XI accessories, because these already convinced our customers for other iPhone generations. 

Pull the flap and starting calling. 
This is the theme of our g.4 sleeve from our iPhone 11 accessories. The phone is ringing, just a simple pull of the flap and you can answer the phone. Additionally the sleeve has a practical slot, in which you will find space for bills or credit cards.

Wallet and iPhone sleeve at once. 
Our g.5 wallet from our iPhone 11 accessories offers your iPhone a safe place. Bedded in high quality leather and natural wool felt your iPhone is protected from environmental influences and impacts. Furthermore the wallet offers space for credit cards and bills. Just like that you have your things together.

iPhone 11 accessories: design inseparable from material

For our iPhone 11 accessories we only use hand-picked materials, that exactly fit our design. The outlines of our sleeves are enlargements of the iPhone 11. Elegant and clear. The distinctive red stitching catches your eye and makes an impression. The docking station convinces through functionality and puristic design. The unity of material, design and function is important to us and realize this formula consequently in all iPhone 11 accessories.

iPhone 11 accessories: sleeves and docking station carrying your name

Individuality is the key here. For everyone who would like to give his iPhone 11 accessories sleeve or his docking station a personal touch has the opportunity to place his name, the motto of his life or company logo on the iPhone 11 accessories. We emboss and engrave and therefore make your accessory unmistakably unique. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions? We answer all of your questions and like to help along. info@germanmadepunkt.de