iPhone XS Max cases

iPhone XS Max cases 

How do you want to protect the best smartphone available on the market? Do you want to compromise on design, function, quality and service? We have the answers to those questions and offer leather and felt cases for Apple's iPhone XS Max. Exceptional quality and fantastic materials form the perfect counterpart for the iPhone giant and also offer many possibilities for you as a customer to acquire an absolutely unique item:

We from germanmade. manufacture iPhone cases, leather sleeves and wallets since 2010. Handmade in Germany, made of vegetable-tanned leather and natural wool felt, individualized to your liking. The satisfaction of our customers is our confirmation. Convince yourself.


Our iPhone XS Max Cases are the perfect symbiosis of design and function. Simply stowed your iPhone is safely packed in elegant protection. By the way, your wallet will be superfluous, because the case is an excellent arrangement of iPhone XS Max Case and wallet and keeps not only your XXL-iPhone, but also at least 8 and up to 16 cards, documents, banknotes and more. When folded, you almost do not suspect that it is an iPhone leather case.

The design of our leather cases is based on the elegant lines of the iPhone. We focus only on the essentials. Less is more and we keep that in focus. Holistic protection and design, material and function as a single entity is what our iPhone XS Max Cases are all about.

The cases are available in different leather colors. From black, over a vintage tone, brown tone to gray, there is something for every taste. Since the decision is already difficult. Crafted from premium cowhide lined with real wool felt, an iPhone XS Max Case provides protection from impact, bumps, dirt and moisture, as leather and wool felt are true miracle materials.


At germanmade. modern meets on tradition. We want to pack the latest technology in the most beautiful, traditionally made protection. Using tried and tested craftsmanship, we sew and bond our products with our factories, packaging modern equipment. How so? That was our origin. We from germanmade. are lovers of traditions and craftsmanship. We like the real thing and that's exactly what we wanted for our products. This is how we have found the best manufacturers for us and have been working together with them since our founding on our success. And that since 2010.


The iPhone XS Max Cases are made of the finest cowhide. The leather always appeals to several senses at the same time: seeing, feeling, smelling. Because let's be honest, high-quality leather is just so much nicer than pseudo-leather. It's a real eye-catcher and elegant like no other material.

It is even more elegant, if it is also not pseudo-refined and tanned with chemicals and dyed. As well as our leather. It is vegetable-tanned. Completely free of toxic, polluted and carcinogenic chromium salts and it is colored low in pollutants, because dark colors would not be able to withstand the sun's light, they would be completely free of pollutants. The gentle and vegetable tanning makes the leather very supple. So silky soft and tender. A true flatterer. In addition, it is open-pored and quickly suitable for a user-specific patina, which makes the leather case not only a real eye-catcher, but also to your very personal eye-catcher, because it bears your traces of use. As if that were not enough, it also smells wonderfully sweet and not poisonous chromium salts that leave a stinging in the nose.

Sustainable cowhide is of the highest quality and absolutely natural. Its genuineness is underlined by the small scars and spots that the leather may have. These are the signs of his life. The life of the cow and a peculiarity that makes every vegetable-tanned leather so individual. This is how genuine leather feels.

For the interior of the iPhone XS Max Cases, we use natural wool felt from one of the last real wool felt manufacturers in Germany. Wool felt protects against impacts, temperature fluctuations and moisture. The natural properties of these precious materials harmonize well with the needs of the iPhone XS Max and give you a good and above all secure feeling, because you can rest assured that your iPhone giant in our cases and cases the perfect protection.


Our name is program. It is not only the philosophy of our company, but it is also our own personal claim. All our products are 100% produced in Germany. Even our materials, except for the leather, are sourced from Germany. Our network covers the whole country. We have a bookbinder in Dusseldorf, a leather workshop in Apolda, one in Solingen and even smaller seamstresses here near Dusseldorf. We all have been working in the team for many years. Go through thick and thin, through good and hard times. We trust each other, can react together quickly, optimally coordinate our needs and we all always try to do one thing: to satisfy our customers.


It is not enough for you that your iPhone XS Max Case is handmade and last but not least by the leather is unique? You want more? No problem, we can be even more personal!We bring your name, your life motto, your initials or even the image of your friend on the leather case? How? Through hot stamping or laser engraving. Many things are possible. Sometimes the place may not be enough, but we'll tell you that. That's the nice thing about us, we listen to you, we try to realize your wishes and above all we are one thing: fair! Convinced? Then always with your wishes: info@germanmadepunkt.de


Let our cases speak for your business! Equip your customers, partners and employees with an iPhone XS Max Cases from germanmade. personalized with your slogan, name or logo, and the first topics of conversation are guaranteed. Because with a proud chest, you can say that this iPhone case is 100% Made in Germany - and the Handmade. As if this is not already a beautiful story, you can tell that the leather is free of toxic chromium salts, which is not only harmful to the environment, but also to the wearer.

The colors are low in pollution and let the leather breathe. So we can keep the signs of the skin, protect their authenticity and give you as a user not only a unique specimen, but also a companion who takes after some time of use your traces. The beautiful patina, which develops gradually, there is no second time. A wonderful unique. Your unique. Not comparable and with unimaginable long life. And that with your company name. Sounds good? We can produce large, but also small quantities. Small budget, but also big budget: info@germanmadepunkt.de


To be too good to be true? Let us talk. Tell us what you want and we'll tell you if we can make you happy. Or is there something missing in our offer? Are you looking for a color that is not included in the standard offer? Do you want to engrave a picture on the iPhone leather case and do not know if the resolution of the file is printable and the space is sufficient? Would you like a single production? Are you looking for a special present? Are you an entrepreneur looking for beautiful gifts with your company logo and a special message for your employees or customers? Talk to us, a no always works.