Just round – germanmade. Mousepad leather

A beautiful all-rounder on your desk. The leather mousepad feels good and is slip free – for sure.
We do use well-selected leather, which is vegetal tanned. Because of the natural caoutchouc underneath a secure grip is guaranteed.

Every mouse likes it. Our leather mousepad

To move the mouse just on your desk is no fun – it will be fun with a leather mousepad underneath. Even more if the leather is simply black or red and beautiful. Made from high quality calf leather and 3mm thick. Mouse and eyes of its user will be happy. No question.

A gravure for your mousepad, please

The germanmade. leather Mousepad on your desk is a real eye catcher. Colleges will marvel at your mousepad, particularly when your name is engraved. Choose your writing style and the colour of your mousepad - red or black. With your name engraved it is more than obvious on which desk this wonderful leather accessory belongs.
A functional and individual gift for everyone – employees or partners. With the company’s logo engraved on every mousepad, you will create a subtle connection to your company. A leather mousepad with positive side-effects.

One mousepad for every mouse

This leather accessory is the perfect pad for every mouse. It does not matter if Apple, Logitech or Microsoft... each mouse will feel at ease.

The Mousepad leather comes from...

...Germany. Made from particularly strong leather, intrinsically used for belts, this leather comes from a tannery in the north of Germany. The natural caoutchouc we do use is produced in Germany as well. It’s a small manufactory in Düsseldorf, which joins the leather and the underneath – and it is Jan, working in this small manufactory, who engraves your name, logo or personal drawing into the leather mousepad. Enjoy!

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