MacBook accessories at a glance

No matter if small or tall. But with Velcro and red stitching. Hand – and handmade from real leather. Our sleeves protect your notebook and tablet computer safely and inimitable. Perfect protection for everything – MacBook air 11, MacBook air 13, MacBook pro 13, MacBook pro 15, MacBook pro retina 13 and MacBook pro retina 15.

  • MacBook

    MacBook Sleeve – die perfekte Symbiose von Schutz mit Stil

    For the MacBook we will launch in addition to our all time classics a completely new line, which is definitely not inferior to the MacBook in terms of elegance.
    Stylish protection, which is the perfect match for a MacBook. We proudly present:

  • MacBook Air

    Noble. Fitting exactly. Functional. = germanmade. MacBook Air Sleeve

    The MacBook Air Sleeve made from vegetal tanned leather and natural felt becomes a companion for life once you own it. It´s charming to the hand and ensures the perfect protection for MacBook Air 11“ and MacBook Air 13“ - fitting perfectly.

  • MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro + (Function * Design * Material) = germanmade. MacBook Pro Sleeves and Bags

    It is rather difficult to find a perfectly fitting sleeve or bag for your beloved MacBook Pro. However, we try and make it easy for you and created the perfect protection for your new MacBook Pro 13” and MacBook Pro 15” – with a custom made fit and 100% made in Germany.

  • MacBook Pro Retina

    MacBook Pro Retina + (Function * Design * Material) = germanmade. MacBook Sleeve Pro Retina.

    That’s it. You found the right MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve. Made from real calf leather, you can feel that the material is well chosen. It´s smooth, hand charming and with little pits on it. The sleeve is padded with felt and its form is reduced to the limit. Functional. Beautiful. Sturdy. Your MacBook Pro Retina will thank you for this perfect protection.

  • Mousepad

    Mousepad leather – simply well-rounded.

    With this stylish mousepad next to the germanmade. docking station, your desk will appear to be a design table. Even more with you name engraved in the 4mm thick leather of this wonderful round mousepad. The best? It does not only look good, it feels even better.

    Made from calf leather, as it should be. And natural caoutchouc underneath for a secure grip. This mousepad offers all you want and beside that – it smells good, just real leather.

  • Laptop bag leather

    What laptops want. Function + Material + Design

    Normally you do change your laptop once a while, but the germanmade. laptop bag made from vegetal tanned leather and handmade in Germany will stay with you once you own it. Because this bag is perfectly designed, well planned and becomes more beautiful when you use it. And it’s 100% made in Germany.
    Unique selling point: The material chosen and the way of production. It is our passion to design and produce products offering you long-lasting pleasure. Besides your laptop this bag offers place for more – charging gear, smartphone, paper and pen.

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Function of our MacBook sleeves

The germanmade. MacBook Sleeves focus on the essential – protecting our gadget. Protection because of a perfect fitting, protection because of chosen material, protection because of a latch made from Velcro.

Just close the latch and your MacBook will be safely stored in the Laptop Bag . Nevertheless charging is no problem, but highly welcome.

Design follows function. Design of the MacBook sleeves

Our sleeves are an extension of the respective MacBook. The MacBook itself is already almost perfect regarding their design but our sleeves are the icing on the cake. We transmit the classic and clear form language of your MacBook in a holistic sleeve. The red stitching on your sleeve is typical for germanmade. The stitching leads to more stability and the sleeves appear to be smaller as in reality. The open edges of the sleeve show the naturalness of the vegetal tanned leather and our felt. Protection equal design. Form follows function.

The material used for our MacBook accessorie

There is a link between design and material. That’s why we have chosen leather associated with warmth and naturalness, giving us the structure and ruggedness we need. Real leather which carries signs of its user after a while. The MacBook leather sleeve and the Mousepad will be real companions for life.

The choice of our material is near and dear to us. And we think people buying our products think the same way. That is why we have carefully chosen, both leather and felt and we are happy to feel the naturalness of these materials every time we do hold a MacBook Sleeve in our hands.

Designed for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina

Our sleeves fits perfectly MacBook 12", MacBook Air 11“ and 13“, MacBook Pro 13“, MacBook Pro Retina 13“ and MacBook Pro Retina 15“.

Matter of heart ‚Made in Germany’

We do produce and craft in Germany. Our partners are working in the south and east of Germany and without them the production cycle would not be working. We are proud to produce German products and it is our attempt to create sustainable production cycles for high quality products.

You would like to know more? Give us a call or write an email. We are happy to help.