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You might despair of looking for the perfect case for your iPad Pro 11-inch with LRD display - because the offer is frightening. There are covers like sand by the sea. But among them a terrifying number of bad covers, which are not only of inferior quality and were produced in far-away countries, they also usually smell quite unpleasant. If that bothers you too, you've come to the right place. We know our strengths and draw on over 8 years of sales experience in our cases, cases and bags.
We offer custom-fit cases, as well as slightly casual cut zippered pockets and room for more. Even iPad cases, made in a traditional bookbinding style can be found in our repertoire. Everyone gets their money's worth here.
Speaking of costs. Critics find us too expensive; our customers appreciate our products and remain true to us - from iPad - to iPad - to iPad. Fair and sustainable quality can not be produced cheaply.


It would be easier if we simply - like many of our competitors - produced in China. On earth. Then our products would be much cheaper and we would enjoy a high profit, go to retail, open stores and so on. Despite relatively high import costs, mind you. The problem is that we are no longer ourselves and that's why we do not do it.   Our name is germanmade. and this is program. He explains our philosophy and way of working, acting and what we stand for. Our entire product range is 100% Made - in - Germany. Some accessories, such as our vegetable tanned leather, we must obtain from abroad. Here we are supplied from Italy. Our natural wool felt, on the other hand, comes from one of the last real wool felt factories in Germany. We do design in the middle of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here we also produce a large part. We produce special leather bags and iPhone cases and bags in the east of Germany. The proximity to our suppliers, leather studios, to our bookbinders and other partners enables us not only fast and direct communication, but also very short ways and a high degree of flexibility towards our customers.


Our 11" iPad Pro accessory is as individual as you are. All cases, bags and cases carry their very own history, not least because of the gentle treatment of natural materials. None of our products is estranged by us through pseudo-refinement. Be it the scars on the leather, by mosquito bites and fights or the branches in the wood, which can not be avoided. We like this naturalness and that no product is 100% like the other. Most importantly, we like how the leather changes and, through some time of use, develops personal characteristics and user-specific patina. Personalized with your desired embossing or engraving, the product becomes your very own unique piece. It does not matter if it's your initials, your life motto or your favorite saying. We emboss or engrave what you want. Even her logo. Only the space depending on the product is limited.


Do you equip your employees, schools, institutions etc. with an iPad and still need the right accessories? iPad Pro accessories that convey values ​​and represent your brand message? Then you are exactly right with us. We can produce large, but also small quantities. Small budget, but also big budget and of course everyone with your name. Just talk to us, we can do a lot, not just iPad Pro 11-inch cases and sleeves: info@germanmadepunkt.de