MacBook Sleeve – die perfekte Symbiose von Schutz mit Stil

For the MacBook we will launch in addition to our all time classics a completely new line, which is definitely not inferior to the MacBook in terms of elegance.
Stylish protection, which is the perfect match for a MacBook. We proudly present:

This is the 12" MacBook Sleeve of today

1.1 MacBook Sleeve: The germanmade. classic unifies in our known quality finest real leather with natural wool felt and convinces through reduced design, which lies in your hand as smooth as velvet and at the same time stylishly protects from every impact but also from protects it from temperature changes.

1. 2 net-a-porter sleeve MacBook: With the new line the theme ‘MacBook sleeve’ is completely new defined. From robust calf leather we used the help of the most modern technology to develop a pattern, which adapts to its contents. Without the MacBook 12" the sleeve is slim and sexy and show his true colours only once it is filled. Fine cuts result in an accordion principle and the sleeve perfectly adapts to the MacBook. A MacBook sleeve can’t be more elegant than that.

1.3 MacBook Bag: Of course this pretty piece also fits in our DIN bag while inside the MacBook sleeve, where you will also obviously find space for additional utensils like charging cable, tablet, paper and smartphone.

1.4 ZIP BAG sleeve: ZIP BAG sleeve makes life around your MacBook even a little more beautiful. Safely stored in a comforting felt bed it is prepared for all contingencies of everyday life. Insertion and zip closure pocket furthermore will offer space and storage space for charging cable, smartphone, documents, tablets, sunglasses, wallet etc.

MacBook Sleeve – A question of material selection

What makes a 12" MacBook to something special? The love for each detail, which is last but not least reflected in its optics and haptics. With the same passion we dedicate ourselves to the selection of our materials. Premium leather, natural wool felt in extinct quality and also all other ingredients are from hand selected quality.

MacBook Sleeve – Where does it come from?

Like all germanmade. products also the MacBook sleeves are manufactured in Germany and this done mainly by hand. In close partnership with all of our manufactories the concentrated expertise and passion is put into every single MacBook sleeve.