Lenovo Tab Sleeves

Lenovo Tab sleeves from leather – Design and protection at once

The Lenovo Tab sleeves from finest leather is like a second skin and protects the Lenovo Tab perfectly from outer influences, like collisions, moisture and temperature changes. The protective sleeve is made from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. Each single Lenovo Tab sleeve from leather is made by hand in our partner manufactory. Perfectly fitting for your Lenovo Tab. Best quality, best craftsmanship inclusive. What a beautiful guard!

Lenovo Tab sleeves from leather – with heart and reason

The Lenovo Tab sleeves are 100% produced in Germany. Our reliable supplier and talented craftsmanship establishment dedicate each single product their complete attention and experience. We put emphasis on a good material selection, best processing, short ways and direct communication – only like this we can guarantee you the quality from which you will benefit.

Lenovo Tab sleeves from leather – What are they capable of?

We want your Lenovo Tab to be protected from possible crashes. At least from outside ones. Strong but at the same time supple leather for the outer shell and smooth wool for the inside – the combination makes it great! Perfect security for your Lenovo Tab. The wool felt alone already brings an excellent property to the table: it is both moisture repellent as well as shock absorbing and protects from heat and cold likewise. Design and material of our Lenovo Tab sleeve complement each other ideally. A slight pull and you will get your Lenovo Tab from their always safe sheating, in order to be able to work with it as usual. Over time, you will notice, how much you will like it to put your Lenovo Tab back into the sleeve.

My Lenovo Tab sleeve from leather – One personalisation please

The Lenovo Tab sleeve itself already is a real eye-catcher. With us you additionally have the opportunity to have your name, your company logo, your favourite motto or something completely different embossed or engraved on your Yoga 2 or ThinkPad X1 Yoga sleeve. At the latest then people will ask you about your Lenovo Tab sleeve. But we are even able to do more, if that is what you are looking for. We answer all of your questions and are happy to help along. info@germanmadepunkt.de