About us

A beginning with heart - the story

Sometimes everything turns out different than you think.

germanmade. was not long planned and thought about . We got to know each other, developed an idea and found the company. Just like that. Because it just felt right. With lifeblood and visions. That was at the end of 2010.

Now we are 59 steps further. Grown. Ripened and hungry for more. We have fun doing what we are doing. That is why we are doing it. It was like that and it will stay like this..

We are 90s kids but humans of the 21st century and so are our designs. We work in the present and have wild ideas for tomorrow. Our network grows bigger with every new product and spins round the whole country. A cross-section of Germany. From tradition to modernity.

A future with reason – sustainability

Why wood? Why leather? Why wool felt?

Because it is honest, authentic and has a story... And space for living story. Your story.

We implement sustainability. Without too much talking we are doing what is right for our planet – important for our planet.

Maybe we are not defining sustainability like a bio quality seal would. But we think before we act.

This means for us:

Direct paths. Already less trucks on roads.
Short processes. Because it’s faster – time, money and resources are saved.
Selected materials. Outstanding quality for durability. Less waste..
Unique by customers demand. Favourites last longer.
Modular assembly. Makes the exchange of single components possible.
Material waste. Can be omitted because new products are made from it.
Local handcraft. Maintains German companies from the craft sector.

...humans, who are living their visions – with heart and reason.

with heart...

... because we love what we are doing.
... because we work together – step by step.
... because we always have an open eye and ear for you.
... because we decide by instinct.
... because we are doing what we love.


Nina is what you would call a ‚self-made-woman‘ at her best. She’s been a leading character in the local cultural and fashion community for years, while she easily manages the eternal conflict between vision and feasibility, which makes her the perfect choice for running our client service and business development activities.



Writes, rummages, plans and consults. Monique takes care of our B2B partners and provides the press with the right words. She maintains an overview and is at the same time in love with details. Besides that she likes to listen to loud guitar music.



Translates, delivers and organises. Jonas takes care of international customer requests, extends the network, keeps an eye on all numbers and if needed assembles the final product from pieces. While doing so he is constantly learning – about the very best materials, the perfect design and sustainable production in Germany.



Our designer is very much to the point. Every curve makes sense and every line has a reason. Because it doesn’t work any other way. Breathing and understanding Design to the last instance. Without compromises. This is how our designer Heiko Nemitz lives with every consequence. And he can cook, too.



Stephan is our man with a plan. A strategist with probing questions and the overview on micro, macro and everything in between. The fresh air around his nose during the daily cycleway to work keeps a clear head for the right plan.



The man with the view. Philipp has an eye on picture and language. He is a pedant and an artist, who teases out the special. Out of situations and people. That is something you can see - at first glance.


... because we know what we want.
.... because we will exactly implement that.
... because we understand what it is about.
... because we optimize processes.
...because we think further.

...with reason

To real humans.

With whom we think, discuss, develop, laugh and create products. Like this true partnerships arise.

Our partners lead companies which have a lot of passion for their trade. They take responsibility, pay fair wages and resist the outsourcing of labor to low-wage countries.

Honour to whom honour is due...

Buchbinderei Plum

Roland, Saskia and Uta have a tight grip on every cover. They cut, glue, fold and emboss.


Lederatelier Apolda

Ingo, Bettina and Mrs. Kaiser and 40 other hardworking hands give leather a new form. They place, punch, join together and sew.



Achim, Thomas and their team are micro millimeter precise. They program, layer, mill and sand.


Gust Kunststoff- & Gummispezialartikel

Jürgen produces rubber and therefore connects nature with technology. He forms, sprays and lasers.


RB – Bürstenhölzerfabrik

Robert moves borders. From a piece of wood he mills unmistakable unique products. He dries, chooses, mills, sands and oils.

Lederhandwerk Zaunkönig

Jan, Maggie and their team place the names on our products. They glue, laser and sew.


Walter K. Hoppe Schrauben-Großhandlung

Walter in the only one in the whole country with chrome free screws. Safe to lick for curious kids.