9.7-inch iPad Pro


Simple and elegant, that's how Apple likes it and this is just what the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch-display looks like. The high performing tablet with pencil.

The same size as the iPad Air 2, with the design of the iPad Pro with Apple A9X-processor and fitting keyboard cover. The popular 12.9" tablet in a handy format and reduced to the essentials.

Such a special tablet requires an equally special protection. Since we already provide stylish accessories for other iPad generations, we stayed true to our established design and adapted it now for the 9.7" iPad Pro.


Our protective sleeves are combined with design and function. Innovative, authentic, cool. Because we really like it, too. A sleeve which does not only offer protection for our iPad Pro 9.7-inch from scratches and sudden impacts but also is our companion and will remain with us for a long time.

Made from the finest cowhide, free from chrome salts, vegetable tanned and dyed with ecologically compatible colours.

A real charmer for people, nature and iPad Pro.

9.7" iPAD PRO ZIP Sleeve

No more searching at the bottom of your backpack. True to the motto of "one sleeve for everything", the ZIP sleeve stows away not only the iPad Pro 9.7-inch but also the keyboard, Apple pencil, smartphone, charging cable and lots more. The bag is made from a piece of vegetable tanned cowhide. A long zip goes along two sides and can be opened wide enough to store all your essentials. If you prefer more protection for your iPad Pro 9.7", there is enough space to add a perfectly fitting protective sleeve. In the evening it can be used as a clutch and thus is your constant companion. A personal embossing or engraving turns it into something truly unique.



There probably isn't an Apple gadget for which we did not produce our classic. The perfectly fitting sleeve made from high quality cowhide protects your 9.7" iPad Pro in a stylish and simple design. The natural wool felt on the inside provides additional protection from sudden impacts, temperature changes and dampness. The distinctive red seam gives the protective sleeve its unique look.



Would you like something extraordinary? We do not only have a passion for leather and wool felt but also wood. We are absolutely devoted to natural materials and everything started precisely with this case. Therefore, it makes sense that we reinstated this case for the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch-display again.

Not only the appealing design and the traditional craftsmanship which is employed here are convincing but also the great protection the case provides. You are spoilt for choice and only have to decide if you prefer the robust frame from birch multiplex with a cover of leather, book linen or artificial leather. There is also a wide range of colours and patterns available. Making so many decisions is not easy but it's worth it and ensures that you are creating a truly special and personal iPad Pro 9.7 case.



Beautiful things should be seen. And an iPad Pro is rather nice to look at. Whether in our docking station made from birch multiplex or placed on our Tobago dock, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is in the perfect position to be admired.



We do not like mass produced things. Whether it is an iPhone sleeve, iPad case or docking station. Each of our unique products is developed with passion for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship in Germany in small manufactures. Our materials are honestly and carefully selected. We love the interaction of authentic marks on skin or of distinctive grain in wood, telling its own story and making each of our products so special. Our products don't become old only more beautiful.

All of this is turning each of our products for the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch-display into something unique. Simply products with soul.