What bags want: Function + Material + Design

The germanmade. leather bags are made from vegetal tanned leather, crafted from our friends in various manufactories in Germany. The quality and diligence we are putting in each product is touchable once you are holding one of our Bags in your hand.
Every bag is very special, with its own character. We do have a high aspiration to combine perfect function and well-planned design. If laptop, charging gear or smartphone.... there is enough place for everything. A companion for life.

germanmade. bags

Because of the usage of high quality material combined with well-planned design our Bags offer you long-lasting pleasure. And long-lasting material in combination with a well-planned design, leads to a bag, which will accompany you your whole life. This friendship will last for a really long time. Try it and get to know one of our leather bags

Our bags made from leather – Really hand charming

The leather of these very particular premium Bags is vegetal tanned and selected carefully by hand. Each leather has its own particularities, little pits or irregularities, which are only sign of the naturalness of the leather. After the tanning process, the leather will be roughened and treated with a special oil which leads to the great look and the tender feel of this leather bags. The leather is from high quality and gets a wonderful patina after a while – that’s how the unique character of each bag is achieved. If you want to pamper your Bag, wax and ointment is the thing to use. Just take a dry cloth and rub the material into the bag.

The bag carries your name

Already without your name engraved, the Bag will attract attention. But engraving or embossing is possible and is done by our bookbinder just around our corner. And with your name, logo or a personal drawing engraved your Bag will be only one thing – unique. Like you.

And that is where the germanmade. bags come from

We are working with real people. People having names and a vision of a better world. People working in Germany and doing pretty good things.The leather comes from Frankfurt and Pirmasens and the felt from Offingen in Germany. In Apolda, in the east of Germany each bag is crafted from Ingo and his ladies. Thanks to them we are happy to present you our leather bags – 100% in Germany.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.