iPhone 7 Plus sleeves


The big brother of the iPhone 7 with the dual sensor camera requires extra special protection and attention. This is where we come in, we offer the best wooden docking station as well as the most fairly produced sleeves for the iPhone 7 Plus. The germanmade. iPhone sleeves made from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt in our manufactory in Germany are the perfect solution for people with heart and soul. 


The germanmade. iPhone 7 Plus sleeves from leather and felt promise not only the perfect protection, design and fair production at German companies but also keep every single promise they make. This should help to make the decision among the myriad of iPhone 7 plus sleeves, cases and wallets a bit easier. It is just so much nicer if you can choose something with a clear conscience.

g.4 iPhone 7 Plus Sleeve: The germanmade. classic. This iPhone 7 Plus sleeve has proven its worth many times and is dearly loved by our customers. Crafted from vegetable tanned leather and padded with natural felt, it covers your iPhone 7 Plus snuggly and protects it against all kinds of weather- and is even fire proof.

The handling is also easy as pie. With one simple pull, the iPhone 7 Plus can be removed from the sleeve and easily be put back. The small slot on the outside for cards, notes etc is a particularly popular part of our leather sleeve.

A cherished classic that already protects many smartphones and is a favourite as a give away.

g.5 iPhone 7 Plus Wallet: Another favourite in our portfolio. The wallet from high quality cowhide and grey 5mm strong felt is a purse and iPhone 7 Plus protection all-in-one. Slots for cards and an additional compartment for notes et al ensure the wallet is a true all-rounder. And, last but not least, it is simply beautiful and a delight to hold.

iPhone 7 Plus sleeve from leather and personalised

Every germanmade. sleeve already has its own story to tell. The leather shows signs of a previous life that we treat with respect. We are careful to avoid ruining the inherent character of our natural materials. Over time and with use the iPhone 7 Plus sleeve develops its own features and an owner-specific patina. A true original. Your original. 

Furthermore we offer our customers the option of customising your product with an embossing or engraving. Thereby, you can depict your name, your personal motto (if it is brief) or any other individual message on your iPhone 7 Plus sleeve.


If you equip your employees with a leather sleeve for their iPhone 7 Plus, personalised with your slogan or company name, the attention of potential customers is guaranteed. You and your employees can proudly state the claim that the iPhone 7 Plus sleeve is 100% made in Germany - and handmade. That is already a great talking point. Furthermore the leather is free of toxic chromium salts that are detrimental for people's health and the environment. The colours are low in harmful substances and allow the leather to breathe.

Thereby, we can keep the characteristics of the skin, protect its authenticity and hand to you not only an original but a companion that will take on the signs of your journey in life. A beautiful patina developing slowly over time, distinctly yours. A wonderful original. Your original. With your company's philosophy. Too good to be true? Let's talk. Tell us what you would like and we will try our utmost to accommodate your requirements. We can do small or large quantities according to small or big budgets: info@germanmadepunkt.de