iPhone SE (2020 & 2022) sleeves

iPhone SE (2020 & 2022) sleeves and cover from leather

We at germanmade. make no compromises and are therefore the perfect counterpart to the new masterpiece from Cupertino. Our iPhone SE cases are carefully handcrafted in our local handicraft shops. We process the finest materials, such as vegetable-tanned leather and natural wool felt, from one of the last German felt manufacturers.

In every iPhone SE case there is truly sustainability and fairness. 100% germanmade.

The iPhone SE 2020 & 2022

With the new iPhone SE 2020 & 2022, a small power pack comes onto the market. The so-called entry-level iPhone is based on the size and design of the iPhone 8. It is the handiest iPhone of the current generations and meets the demand of many users, for whom the iPhone 13  and iPhone 13 Pro are simply too big.

Technically, the iPhone SE offers the latest iPhone 13 status, making it the best and fastest 4.7 “iPhone ever. The A15 Bionic processor is one of the most powerful smartphone chips. Even the integrated iSight camera of the iPhone SE does not take pictures in wide-angle or even ultra-wide-angle like the iPhone 13 models, but nevertheless guarantees fantastic shots with up to 12 megapixels and detailed live photos. The portrait & night mode, the smart HDR technology, ultra-sharp 4K videos and the grandiose portrait function are at home in the iPhone SE. The NFC interface also offers access to Apple Pay and other practical NFC functions.
Coupled with a significantly stronger battery performance, the iPhone SE is a real competitor to the iPhone 13, models, especially with regard to the price advantage.

The right protection for the iPhone SE

With our iPhone SE 2020 & 2022 protective cases, we offer the right case for every taste:

g.2 iPhone SE leather case: The slightly different sleeve comes in the unusual landscape mode, but offers super-fast access to the iPhone and is securely protected by the tab with magnetic closure. The practical slot on the front offers space for cards & notes, so you have everything important in hand.

g.4 iPhone SE leather case: Our proven classic has cushioned countless falls and saved the lives of so many iPhones. A real lifesaver. Made of genuine leather and lined with fine felt on the inside, the cool technology of the iPhone SE wonderfully complements and embeds it in a breathable and moisture-regulating environment. Nature meets technology. The practical pull tab guarantees quick access to the iPhone.

g.5 Wallet case: the all-rounder. The wallet not only offers space for the iPhone SE. At the same time, it is an elegant wallet with space for cards, notes & co. The simple yet special design and the high-quality materials make the iPhone SE wallet case the perfect companion for everyone who is looking for a solution for everything and does not want to miss the slim feeling of the 'naked' iPhone in your hand when talking on the phone and chatting would like. The iPhone is securely protected during transport and is quickly accessible by simply opening the wallet. Of course, the iPhone SE also fits into the case with a thin bumper.
The g.5 wallet is also available in a Special Edition in black with red stitching.

iPhone SE cases - not a question of material

If you have already landed with us, it is safe because you are looking for something more. Think a little more about design, function and sustainability. And also know that the fusion of the best materials and German craftsmanship is not possible at low prices. So we only use handpicked materials that we process carefully. We are primarily concerned with the natural beauty of leather. Each skin has its own story and we want to pass it on in its authenticity. We therefore only use the top (most valuable) layer of skin and do not use artificial refinements. The leather is roughened and processed with precious oil, giving it its unmistakably velvety character. Small scars and stitches are part of a natural leather and only underline the life that is inherent in every iPhone SE sleeve made of leather. We continue the story and you give your cover a very special patina by using it. This is no longer possible with the usual plasticized leathers on the market.

Personalize your Phone SE 2020 & 2022 leather case

Our local bookbinder embosses each case by hand and with traditional hot stamping as desired. Your creativity is only limited by space. Whether name, initials, motto of life, dedication or song line - you specify and we implement.

iPhone cases as advertising media

What better represents your company than a special iPhone SE case? It is always in your hand and is a daily companion. Of course, we also offer all other iPhone generations, iPads and MacBooks the perfect protection as well as many other products that are the perfect advertising medium for your company. Whether large or small quantities, no problem for us. Do you have special wishes? We also gladly and competently fulfill these with our local partner companies. Contact us, we are the right contact for Incentives 4.0: info@germanmadepunkt.de