iPhone 12

iPhone 12 leather products - all for your iPhone

Unlike in the days of Steve Jobs, by 2020 there are already many leaks to the new iPhone 12 series in circulation. It's almost all the technical features, like... are known and are actually just waiting for your confirmation.

The situation is similar with germanmade. - under the motto 'Hold on to the good' we are going to reissue our classics like the g.4 iPhone leather case and the g.5 iPhone Wallet for the 2020 iPhone 12. In the usual outstanding quality made of vegetable tanned leather from European tanneries and fine wool felt, which is produced in a felt factory in southern Germany, which is actually one of the last of its kind. Of course, the g.case iPhone 12 leather case and the Folio Case are also included again. For the first time this year, they will also be delivered with a sustainable bumper/ case made of biodegradable materials (such as corn starch and bamboo) for the additional protection of the iPhone 12. A sustainable iPhone case. Yeahh. With this we have also solved our 'belly pain factor' of the silicone bumper. However, we have to have these items made in China, as we could not find any possibility of German or European production. This is a pity. But we will stay on it and as soon as we find a way of purchasing in local areas, we will of course follow this source.

We really struggled with ourselves for a long time and then we decided on open communication with our customers and the more sustainable version of the iPhone 12 case. Hopefully we haven't shaken your faith in us with this! And if you see a possibility for shopping in Europe, please let us know.

Colours of the iPhone 12 leather cases and leather cases

Here too, we stick to what has proven itself and continue to rely on our traditional colours for the germanmade. iPhone 12 accessories: these are our colours

  • 1. earth = dark brown
  • 2. night = black
  • 3. vintage = light brown, camel
  • 4. stone = grey

With our leather you have to keep in mind that especially Vintage and Stone have a lively surface, a bit cloudy and marked by lighter outliers - a real vintage look. If you prefer a more homogeneous look, Night and Earth are the right choice.

All our leathers are not only chrome-free, but also tanned with vegetable products. We only use the uppermost epidermis and thus the highest quality skin layer. We also avoid artificial 'refinements' and use the natural skin surface, marked by the life of the animal of which it was a part. Our leather is only treated with a high-quality oil, which gives it its smooth feel. With use, a wonderful patina develops, which above all bears your marks. This makes the iPhone 12 accessory much more than a mere iPhone case or sleeve, it becomes a witness to a time that bears a piece of history.

iPhone 12 accessories made of leather

This point is developing into a very emotional one for us. When we started in 2010 with the idea of germanmade and then with iPad Cases made of wood, there was no question for us that we would have them manufactured in Germany and work with local manufacturers. In reality, it quickly became clear that we are closing a lot of doors with this orientation and that even fast, exponential growth is difficult. Production in Germany is many times more expensive than buying from our friends in the Far East. Coupled with the demand for equivalent high quality and fairly manufactured basic materials, our purchasing costs are so high that we could not possibly reflect the usual margins without placing ourselves in an abstruse luxury segment. We did not want that. Furthermore, it was also important for wichtig to present a fair price to our customers. So in the end, all that remained was for us to sell ourselves through our shop and in selected, informed and conscious online and stationary shops.

To cut a long story short - germanmade. manufactures luxury cases and cases for the iPhone 12 from leather and felt from fair production at a customer-friendly price.

If you too are interested in the origin and manufacture of the products you use and want to make a statement, you've come to the right place.