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iPhone XS Max accessories

With the iPhone XS Max Apple is again setting new superlatives. With a huge 6.5 "OLED display in 18:9 format (2688 x 1242 pixels), it is now the largest iPhone in the Apple-Versium. By omitting the Home button, the actual size has not changed much compared to the predecessor model iPhone 8 Plus, but the performance and possibilities inside the iPhone XS Plus make the hearts beat faster.

Just like our consistently outstanding accessories for the new XXL iPhone. With our stylish accessory, we not only protect your new workhorse from bumps, scratches and other environmental influences, but also offer you a high wearing comfort and comfort with iPhone XS Max accessories, which is 100% made in Germany. But see for yourself our handcrafted iPhone XS Max leather sleeves, cases and wallets. So connect, what belongs together:


No matter which iPhone XS Max accessory you are looking for. We do our best to make your search with us come to an end. Whether it's your desire for a custom-fit protective case, or a fold-up iPhone XS Max bag with storage compartments for everything you need in everyday life. You may also be looking for something very special, from traditional book cloths, wipeable, very hard-wearing, hinged and combined with the latest nanotechnology or simply a place to rest in a stylish and very decorative docking station. Feel free to look around our range of iPhone XS Max accessories. But also our MacBook sleevesw, iPad cases, leather bags, purses and office accessories convince.


The largest, fastest and most powerful smartphone from Apple should be protected only by the best materials. Thats at least our point of view. We provide stylish protection and elegant solutions in the form of leather cases, leather folios, wallets or cases for the iPhone XS Max. And if that were not already abundant, we will still take care of your absolute well-being. Our leather covers and cases not only shelter the giant in protection, they also pamper your senses. Made of velvety soft, yet robust cowhide outside and natural wool felt inside, there is hardly a better all-round feel-good program for you and your iPhone. The iPhone XS Max cases are true flatterers and completely free of toxic chromium salts and low in emissions. The leather is a sturdy partner for such a sensitive device, the wool felt provides the ideal temperature compensation and also protects the iPhone XS Max for bumps, impact, scratches and more. For you and your iPhone X Max only the best.


With us you are spoiled for choice. Are you looking for an accurate protection? A leather case for the iPhone XS Max, which fits tightly around the gadget with no margin for more, very tightly wrapped and embedded in the perfect security? Then our g.4 iPhone XS Max case is the perfect leather sleeve for you. Made of sturdy yet velvety-soft cowhide on the outside and lined with real wool felt on the inside, your gadget will be safely protected here. With a firm pull on the tab, the iPhone can be released from its protective cover and is ready for the condition.  Or is it allowed to be a little more relaxed? With room for more? Much more? Our g.5 iPhone XS Max case is gigantic like the giant iPhone. It has room for the gadget with or without bumpers and for at least 8 and up to 16 cards, credit cards, documents, money and more. Simply a space miracle, which makes the purse unnecessary, because here everything you need in everyday life, stowed. An iPhone leather case with added value and a popular germanmade. Product since almost the first hour. Of course, this iPhone case, like all our products, made of vegetable-tanned cowhide and natural wool felt.


Have you been with us for a while or may we tell you something about us? We from germanmade. manufacture accessories for Apple's products since the first iPhone. Starting with cases, bags and cases for iPhone, MacBook and iPad, our portfolio now also includes office accessories, such as leather mouse pads, leather writing pads, business bags and more. We draw on more than 7 years of experience in the market and offer you our expertise, especially in protecting your valuable smartphones, notebooks and tablets, if you have any questions, uncertainties or wishes. We manufacture everything in Germany. In small factories in our area. The proximity makes it possible for us to react quickly to requests. What is possible and fits into the budget, we try to realize. We make all our products from materials of natural origin, if it is always possible. The majority of our products are made of leather, which we obtain from an Italian manufactory. The local is just the best for us. We attach great importance to the particularly gentle tanning process. It does not just resources, it also makes the leather unique, porous, pleasant in the scent and a true flatterer. But in our opinion, leather alone is not enough protection for such a sensitive device as the iPhone. The perfect combination partner here is the Wollflz for us. It compensates for temperature fluctuations, is breathable, provides good protection against impacts and impacts and also a very pleasant natural product. We do this by one of the last real wool felt manufacturers from Germany.  But also products from traditional book linen can be found in our range. Book linen has wonderful features. It is durable and makes the dirt easy to wipe off. There are also book linen in wonderful colors. A material that we like to use. We have already tried many things. Even iPhone cases made of wood. Beautiful to look at, but with security it did not work so well here. That's why we do not offer them anymore.

germanmade. = GERMAN + MADE 

Our name germanmade. is program and explains our philosophy and way of working, exactly. Our entire product range is 100% Made - in - Germany. Some accessories, such as our vegetable tanned leather, we have to buy from abroad. Here we are supplied from Italy. Our natural wool felt, on the other hand, comes from one of the last real wool felt factories in Germany. We do design in the middle of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as produce a large part. We produce special leather bags and iPhone cases and bags in the east of Germany. The proximity to our suppliers, leather studios, to our bookbinders and other partners enables us not only fast and direct communication, but also very short ways and a high degree of flexibility towards our customers.


Our iPhone XS Max accessory is as individual as you are. All cases, bags and docking stations have their very own history, not least because of the gentle treatment of natural materials. None of our products is estranged by us through pseudo-refinement. Be it the scars on the leather, by mosquito bites and fights or the branches in the wood, which can not be avoided. We like this naturalness and that no product is 100% like the other. Most importantly, we like how the leather changes and, through some time of use, develops personal characteristics and user-specific patina. Personalized with your desired embossing or engraving, the product becomes your very own unique piece. It does not matter if it's your initials, your life motto or your favorite saying. We emboss or engrave what you want. Even her logo. Only the space depending on the product is limited.


You are an entrepreneur and want to equip your employees with iPhone XS Max accessories, which not only looks valuable, but also conveys values? Represents your brand message and is produced in Germany under environmentally friendly production method? Then you are exactly right with us. We can produce large, but also small quantities. Small budget, but also big budget. Talk to us, we can do a lot, not just iPhone XS Max accessories: info@germanmadepunkt.de