iPhone 8 Plus sleeves 

iPhone 8 Plus sleeves

Such a gigantic iPhone 8 Plus has to be protected with the right cover. Best all round. Nothing easier than that, because we from germanmade. have been manufacturing stylish accessories for many years. But not only can you find cases, cases, bags and more for your iPhone, iPad and MacBook in our online shop. Our range of high quality accessories, which gives your everyday life more style and pleasure, is great. Let yourself be inspired by our range of handmade products, Made in Germany. We are happy to indroduce our iPhone 8 Plus sleeves:

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We call the iPhone 8 Plus leather case our classic, because the shape has already proven over many previous models of the iPhone. The protective cover with the distinctive red seam, is cut precisely and made from velvety soft but robust  leather. The inside of the case is equipped with soft, natural wool felt, which provides your iPhone 8 Plus with additional protection. The perfect combination of vegetal tanned leather and natural wool felt ensures optimal all-round protection. But how to take the iPhone, if the cover is like a second skin around the iPhone 8 Plus? No problem! Just pull the tab and the iPhone is ready to be used. A small pocket on the outside of the iPhone 8 Plus sleeve provides additional space for your most important credit cards or notes.


Another classic is the g.5 wallet for iPhone 8 Plus. Made from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt, this bag is a big wallet hosting iPhone 8 Plus beside all you may need in your daily routine. It provides space for at least 8 and up to 16 ID- and credit cards, as well as for documents, bank notes, papers and more. What could you need more? Exterior of leather and interior with wool felt also offers this iPhone 8 Plus sleeve the perfect allround protection.


For our leather products, we have researched and tested for a long time until we have found the perfect leather. In addition to a certain strength and feel, we were particularly interested in vegetal tanning. Free of toxic chromium salts, which harm not only the environment but also the users, the skins we use are tanned on a natural, vegetable basis. Here there is no pseudo-coating, which makes the leather skins seem perfect. Our leather tells history, as well as every skin has its past. This gentle manner of leather tanning does not only get the real structure of every skin, but also develops a very individual, user-specific patina quickly when used. This makes every iPhone 8 Plus one of a kind. Your unique. However, not only does our leather vary from batch to batch, but also our natural wool felt, which is still from one of the last genuine wool felt manufacturers from Germany. Here everything looks similar, but nothing is equal to the other 100%. Thus, our leather covers, bags and other accessories become very individual and special products.


Not only the materials used by us tell the story. We can also tell you about each of our manufacturer stories. Because we know them all. Personally! Let's take our dear Ingo, who has been a faithful companion since our start in 2010 and with his team we produce the most beautiful iPhone cases, leather bags, wallets and even more. Or our dear Roland and his team. Based in our home town, the trained bookbinder manufactures our iPhone and iPad cases in a traditional way. Each piece by hand, with passion and a lot of competence. Or our dear Mr. Anton, who runs an old family business in NRW. Each of our products is handmade in Germany. Man hand movements lead to the perfect result and the perfect quality.


May it be more special? We emboss and engrave all our products with your initials, name or your motifs of life. Of course your logo won’t be an issue too. Just let us know what we can do for you and we will find a way. Much is possible, only the space is limited and much more can be engraved, than imprinted. If, for example, you have a family coat with a filigree structure, we recommend an engraving. Here, a laser beam carries the top layer of the skin in the micromillimeter area as your family coat looks like. He draws the coat of arms almost in the leather, contoured. If you want a simple name and like it simple and elegant, we recommend you our embossing. Here, we put your name from old stamping stamps together by hand, position these on the product and put it on by means of a hot-stamping machine. Embossing means experiencing haptics that the result is felt in the leather deepened. The shape and material of the clichée, the temperature, the pre-press and the pre-press are decisive factors for an optimal embossing result.


Are you looking for exceptional gifts for your employees and customers? Made in Germany and exquisite materials are as important to you as a pure, functional and high-quality product design? We are very pleased to be able to get to know each other, because we are exactly the right partner for you. A germanmade. product is the ideal opportunity to increase the identification with your company and at the same time protect your company hardware (or your customers). We also manufacture tailor-made products with your company's CI for you. Big budgets we can do very well, small budgets but just as well. Just contact us. We understand quickly, advise competently and result-oriented. Or would you like to be inspired by our product range? We will be pleased to send you our product catalog. Write us: