iPhone 7 sleeves

iPhone 7 Sleeves

Whatever amazing features the iPhone 7 will have, we have the best sleeves for it. As long as it does not have to be a bumper, we offer a stylish sleeve for the iPhone 7 4,7" that is fairly produced and made from premium leather.


There are countless cases and sleeves on the market. Which one? What for? How much? These are essential questions when purchasing an iPhone 7 sleeve. If you do not only want great protection for your beloved constant companion but also want to help making the world a little bit of a better place, then you have come to the right place: germanmade. We only use vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt for all of our iPhone 7 sleeves, cases and covers. Each iPhone 7 sleeve is handmade and produced in Germany. What's our range? Take a look:

g.case iPhone 7: This feel-good case made of the finest cowhide fused with modern technology is the perfect fit for the pragmatic aesthete . On the one hand side, the iPhone 7 is held in place securely and invisibly by nanotechnology, while on the other hand, there is plenty of room for your most important cards and some cash. This makes crammed wallets and extra bags a thing of the past. Everything is kept in one place.

g.4 iPhone 7 Sleeve: Whoever wants it safer (oder: simpler?) has come to the right place. With one easy pull you can take the iPhone 7 out of the sleeve. On the outside, we added a slot for storage of one card or a bit of cash. The combination of high quality leather and felt create the perfect environment for your iPhone7. 

g.5 iPhone 7 Wallet: Our timeless classic will surely outlive the iPhone 7. Crafted by hand from soft leather and grey felt, it also offers room for cards and notes. The g.5 wallet convinces with its easy handling, multifunction and an exquisite design. 

iPhone 7 Sleeve made of leather and totally unique

Each germanmade. sleeve has its own little story to tell. The traces of a life are already visible in the leather. We treat these with the utmost respect and are not ruining them by an unnecessary finishing. Over time and with use, the iPhone 7 sleeve will develop its own characteristics and a very personal patina. A true original. Your orginal.

Furthermore, we offer our customers additional customising with an embossing or engraving. You can add your name, personal motto (if it's brief) or another individual message to the iPhone 7 sleeve.

germanmade. iPhone 7 sleeves are perfect for business 

Does your employer provide you with an iPhone 7? Lucky you! Or are you the generous boss who supplies them? Either way, doesn't the iPhone 7 need proper protection? Shouldn't it look good as well, anyway? And how about representing your brand message?

Our germanmade. iPhone 7 sleeves made of high quality leather have all the answers. Always in your hand, free of toxic chromium salts, low in pollutants and fairly produced, they are certainly easier to relate to than the usual Chinese produce.

Any more questions? We have the answers, please just contact us: info@germanmadepunkt.de

The iPhone 7 securely wrapped up

Is the new iPhone 7 camera equipped with 12 or 16 megapixel? Does it have the dual-lens system? Will the memory be increased to 2 or 3 gigabyte? Has the 3,5 millimeter jack been abolished? Is the iPhone 7 waterproof? We cannot provide the answers to that. However, fact is: it needs to be protected well and this is exactly where the germanmade. iPhone 7 sleeves come into play. This is what we do. On the highest level - premium iPhone 7 sleeves available at germanmade.