9.7-inch iPad Pro sleeves


Each of our high quality sleeves for the iPad Pro with 9.7 inch display is handmade from vegetable tanned cowhide in Germany. Our passion for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship is tangible with each of our iPad Pro products. In particular with our sleeves the high quality of the carefully selected cowhide is palpable. They are very snug and pleasant to hold. And for good measure, they are also free of toxic chrome salts. 

Choose from two models: a protective sleeve with perfect fit, the 9.7" iPad Pro sleeve, and a puristic bag with a long zip, that offers additional room for a Smart Keyboard, Apple pencil, charging cable and more. Both are available in the colours earth, night and vintage.

We are always happy to customise your sleeve with the engraving or embossing of your choice. In addition to the sleeves for the 9.7" iPad Pro, we offer cases with perfect fit made from birch complex, all of which are also handmade in Germany.


The protective sleeve with perfect fit for the 9.7" iPad Pro with the distinctive seam.

Those of you who are already familiar with our germanmade. products know that only our true classic is adorned with the red seam.

The sleeve embraces the iPad Pro with natural wool felt and leather. The wool felt on the inside is thereby ensuring that the sleeve is well protected from sudden impact, temperature changes and dampness. The headphone jack can easily be accessed while the 9.7" iPad Pro rests securely in the sleeve. If you are looking for more than a purely protective sleeve, then our iPad Pro 9.7-inch ZIP bag is the perfect choice for you.


Our ZIP-sleeve with a long zip that goes along two sides. It does not only offer space for the iPad Pro with 9.7-inch display but also for the Smart Keyboard, charging cable & iPhone as well as documents, pens and more.

If you prefer more protection for your iPad than the unlined sleeve can provide, then you can add a perfectly fitting cover or an additional bumper. In the evening, the sleeve accompanies you as a clutch and thus always stays by your side.