MacBook Pro 14"

MacBook Pro 14"+ germanmade. = The perfect MacBook Pro leather bag

Half of your life is kept on a 14-inch MacBook Pro. It is not only a reliable workhorse pleasant to operate but it is also often used heavily for private purposes. Whether for the favourite playlist, shopping favourites, picture albums or the diary. It goes without saying then that it should be uncompromisingly and meticulously protected. Its safety is your top priority but it also should be ready to use at any time. With a dash of style added to the mix, please. And so the search begins for the perfect MacBook Pro leather bag.

But don't worry. Your search ends with us. Here at germanmade., we never compromise when it comes to choosing the perfect materials, the perfect fit, the perfect design for the perfect MacBook Pro bag. But see for yourself.

Function & Design of the MacBook Pro 14" Bag 

A product that has proven itself over years can only be perfect. Why reinvent the wheel? So that's what we did or rather didn't do. We only adapted it.

Our classic is now also available as MacBook Pro 15" leather bag.

MacBook Pro 14" Leather Bag: Simply open the cover (oder: flap)and your MacBook Pro 15" is ready to go. The sleeve is not only easy to use but simultaneously offers the perfect protection for your MacBook Pro 15-inch. It has a tailor-made cut and is wrapped around the gadget like a second skin. It is made by hand with a lot of passion and produced 100% in Germany.

Robust and vegetable tanned leather on the outside, soft wool felt from one of last real felt productions in Germany on the inside. The MacBook Pro 14" bag offers perfect protection from sudden impacts, dampness and temperatures changes. The distinct red stitching provides not only a visual emphasis but also marks the transition to the open edges of the leather. This junction reveals the naturalness of the materials used and at the same time functions as a superb protection from impacts.

The combination of natural materials, a well-thought out fit and minimalistic design ensures our classic is the perfect protector of your 14-inch MacBook Pro.

There is only one thing this bag cannot protect you from: the envious glances of your friends and colleagues.

MacBook Pro 14" Bag: The perfect combination of materials

All our products are made from vegetable tanned leather, just like our MacBook Pro 14" bag. The leather is open-pored and authentic. In contrast to leather tanned with chrome salts, it smells pleasant. It is also soft to touch and simply wonderful to hold. Over time and with use, the leather develops a beautiful patina and adapts individually to its owner. Thus making it very personal and unique.

For the lining, we use natural, tumbled felt from sheep's wool that provides secure protection for the MacBook Pro 14" from sudden impacts, changes in temperature and dampness. The natural properties of these precious materials harmonise excellently with the needs of the computer. We only want the best for your loved MacBook Pro.

Why is a germanmade. MacBook Pro 14" bag the right choice?

Because we simply got everything right. We offer an extremely high quality product at a fair price. The materials used are selected by hand, production takes place 100% in Germany, with fair wages and the best working conditions, with a no-nonsense service without frills. We are here for you. Unconditionally. This makes the difference as well as sense. If there were more companies like germanmade., then the world would definitely be a better place. And last but not least, the MacBook Pro 15" bag looks pretty awesome, too.

Our motto is: Form follows function. The design is always intimately connected with the material. The MacBook Pro bag's design language develops and complements the look of the MacBook itself.

MacBook Pro 14" Leather Bag- The Classic

Our classic could prove itself on many occasions. Whether for the iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet or for the MacBook. A lot of positive customer feedback

is the reason why it remains our classic and we put it to use for new products over and over again. Just as now for the MacBook Pro 14" leather bag. 

True to the saying: Never change a winning team.

We personalise your MacBook Pro 14" bag

But that's not all. There are more reasons that make the MacBook Pro 15" bag so special. We offer our customers the opportunity to create a unique bag, sleeve and even docking station by adding an embossing or engraving. Either with your name, the initials or a motto- you decide.

You can find some information and first inspirations here. If you have a query please contact us.

Our MacBook Pro 14" bag for your employees and clients

It is a question of style wanting to equip your employees with tasteful sleeves and bags. Your company logo stands out even more if it adorns the high quality cowhide leather (that means real leather) of a germanmade. sleeve or bag. Subtle or bold. Big or small. We can do it all and are happy to provide advice. Competent and fast. Do you have questions, wishes or need further information? Write to us:

What do we offer besides the MacBook Pro 14" bag?

The sleeve for your iPhone. Or smartphone. But also sleeves and bags for the little & big brother of the MacBook Pro 14". You can find our range for the 13-inch MacBook Pro & 16-inch MacBook Pro here.

There are also a lot more bags, sleeves and further accessories such as key rings, wallets, mouse pads and more to discover. Just enjoy browsing a little in our shop.

A partnership made in Germany 

In this context, we would like to thank our wonderful partners. The leather studios in Apolda and Solingen magically conjure from our materials exactly what we want.

Flawless craftsmanship precisely according to our wishes would not be possible without them. You would like to know more? We are happy to answer any of your questions: