iPhone 11 cases

iPhone 11 Cases- all natural

Sometimes it just has to be more. Our iPhone 11 is dear to us and not only because of this we like to know it's safe and sound. Since we take it to hand several times per day, the more protection the better. The feel is also very important. What looks good, should also feel good. We definitely achieved that with our iPhone 11 cases, wallets, covers and folios. Individually crafted iPhone cases of the highest quality are produced in close collaboration with our manufactory and bookbinder.

iPhone 11 cases – the material

Design and material are inseparable. The right material selection is therefore especially important for our iPhone 11 cases. For our iPhone folio cases we are using ecarefully selected, high-quality cowhide for the outside and soft velvet in the inside. The leather is also our known premium leather, which is available in four different colours. The touch of the leather is as smooth as velvet and develops a unique patina as time passes.
Additional protection for the LCD giant of Apple is given by a silicon bumper.

iPhone 11 folio cases – the magical adhesive foil

Slim design should also stay slim. Therefore the holding device on the inside of the iPhone 11 leather cases is a huge factor. We spent a long time searching but now we are more than happy with our result. Our state of the art adhesive foil holds your iPhone 11 thanks to a thousand micro suction cups securely inside the leather case. The iPhone is easily detached and again placed inside the case at any time and still always holds it securely inside the case. Should the suction force of the foil decrease slightly, it can easily be cleaned with a moist cloth.

This iPhone 11 case belongs to me

To make definitely clear to everyone, in which pocket the iPhone 11 case including content belongs, you will be able to completely individually inscribe our iPhone 11 case. We place your name, your philosophy or your company logo on your case. It is either embossed in old bookbinding tradition into the leather or book linen. Alternatively the desired text can also be burned into the leather via laser engraving.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help along and answer all of your questions. info@germanmadepunkt.de