iPad Air 10,5“ sleeves & bags

iPad Air sleeves & bags

Although the market is full of iPad Air (2019) cases and bags, some people may not like off-the-peg products and are looking for something special. With soul. Something what brings joy with every touch and sight. If you are looking for something like this, you will like what we have to offer with iPad Air accessories. We try to reach you with all senses. Granted, tasting and hearing is a bit difficult here, but for sure you will love feeling and smelling our products and your heart will be served as well.

iPad Air (2019) cases & bags

Our iPad Air accessory not only delights with its smell, feel and design, but also with its origin. In our design studio in Dusseldorf, we create functional iPad Air cases with a clear and reduced design line. The vegetable-tanned cowhide provides the pleasant smell, its open-pored surface for a velvety touch. All our products are produced with great attention to detail by small manufactories in Germany.

Pad Air Zip Bag

The bag with the zip stows the iPad Air with a screen size of 10.5 inches and its accessories including documents, a separate case, Apple Pencil and more. Made from a large piece of vegetable-tanned cowhide, the bag is also a real hand flatterer. Its seamless shape and long zipper allow the bag to be opened wide for easy handling. The simple design also makes the iPad Air bag an elegant companion for special occasions, such as a business bag or clutch.

iPad Air Business Bags

Our perfect companions for business and everyday life are the DIN BAG and the ZIP Bag, in which the iPad Air with its notebook and all accessories fits. In keeping with our design line, these leather business bags have a reduced design and offer a wide range of uses.;

iPad Air sleeve:

Our custom-fit iPad Air sleeve is a classic since the first hour. Compared to our other iPad Air (2019) cases & bags, this one focuses on one thing above all: PROTECTION! The wool felt protects, encloses the 10.5" iPad Air and keeps out all external influences such as humidity and temperature fluctuations. The round shape of the precisely fitting iPad Air sleeve also optimally protects the iPad on impacts. As with all our iPad Air Cases & Bags, this sleeve is made from sturdy, vegetable-tanned cowhide. The striking red seam gives the iPad Air sleeve its unique look and the recessed Velcro closure completes this elegant.

Material selection & production

For the production of our iPad Air (2019) cases & bags we use only vegetable-tanned cowhide. It is free of environmentally harmful chromium salts and pollutant colored. The leather is imperfect and shows scars and stitches, it shows the skin of the animal and tells its lifetime story. We like the genuine and untreated and process every skin with the utmost respect. The gentle treatment and natural tanning leaves the leather soft and warm.

A leather that has not been pseudo-refined and reflects a perfect skin that is full of toxic pollutants, but a leather that is free of polluting chemicals and tells of the past of the cow. Dyed, as gentle as possible, our leather not only flatters your iPad Air, but also your skin. Between earth, vintage and night you have to decide with us, which is difficult, because the leather colors are all beautiful. As soft as the leather itself and so porous that it quickly reveals not only the history of the Rin-des, but soon your own, because after a short time of use, the leather develops a user-specific patina that your germanmade. Make the product a unique one-of-a-kind product.Our iPad Air 10.5" cases are made from book linen, soaked in natural raisin. Here you are spoiled for choice, the color options are varied. But if you want it to fit, for example with its Organizer or the iPhone case, the iPad Air cases are also available in leather.

iPad Air 2019 products from Germany

We are called germanmade, because all our products are made in Germany. Here is our personal origin. We like to promote the domestic economy, the short communication channels, the quick accessibility and last but not least the quality that our manufactures offer. Our way is confirmed, because we have been around for more than 8 years now. No lightness in such a highly competitive market, but we remain true to ourselves and appreciate our customers.

Customized iPad Air Products

Looking for customized iPad Air products? No problem! We can do that. Whether by laser engraving or embossing we bring to the iPad Air products what you want and the space gives. Also larger quantities, individually made products, company gifts, a cigar case for the grandfather, the knitting needles bag for the grandmother, the ring pillow for the wedding. What can we do for you? Just ask us.