iPhone 8

iPhone 8 accessories

The iPhone mania goes to the next round and we have the right packaging for everyday convenience. No matter whether it is a sleeve, case, wallet or cover - germanmade. manufactures high-quality, thoughtful accessories for the iPhone 8. Accessories made from premium leather, natural wool felt, paired with the latest nanotechnology, set standards in terms of quality and meet the high demands of iPhone 8 users.

iPhone 8 accessories for people with heart and reason...

We are in the 10th year of the smartphone and the technological innovations overlap. Every year there are innovations that set new standards in the use of iPhone & Co. More and more is possible with them and they become increasingly irreplaceable for our everyday life. Replace laptops and tablets, recognize and communicate with their owner and already give us an insight into the possibilities of the future. Crazy shit... Does this sometimes frighten you?
And do not you want to protect your iPhone 8 accordingly? Here we come into the game. We combine state-of-the-art technology with outstanding material quality and good old handwork. We use 98% natural materials, such as vegetal tanned leather and wool felt, and make every single iPhone 8 accessory by hand in our manufactories in Germany. On the one hand, we can demonstrate a completely transparent and sustainable production line while at the same time enabling a high degree of personalizability. iPhone 8 Accessories made in Germany.

iPhone 8 accessoires – portfolio

iPhone 8 sleeves: The germanmade. classics by design and functionality. A perfect combination, which will definitely meet the iPhone 8 and the protection of the same. germanmade. does not rely on sensitive technology, PU's or other (often contaminated) materials, but protects with the 'wonders of nature'. Felt and leather provide natural protection against environmental influences (moisture, fire, dirt...) and impacts or impact. Although it may sometimes seem cumbersome to pull the iPhone 8 out of a case - the best all-round protection is guaranteed. So that is the right accessory for all, which your iPhone 8 synonymous times from the hand put.

iPhone 8 cases: Best case scenario. With the cases we are still a bit deeper into the trick box and a new procedure back - nanotechnology. In our cases and covers, the iPhone is attached to nano-buttons and holds there bomb-proof. However, if there is little reason to do so, it can be detached and replaced again without residue. With a high number of microscopically small suction cups, the case sticks to the iPhone and thus provides an optimal access to all functions and a minimalistic look. In addition, the design of the cases provides space for the most important bank and ID cards as well as a few notes for daily use. The iPhone 8 case also replaces the need to carry a wallet and thus becomes the perfect companion.

iPhone 8 accessories – create your own

The germanmade. choice of high-quality accessories for the iPhone 8 offers a suitable solution for every taste, furthermore there is the possibility to choose between 4 different leather colors and even more book linen color combinations. In particular, the cases will be manufactured individually for you and according to your wishes only after your order. Another special feature is the possibility of any germanmade. product to personalize by embossing or engraving. You decide what will be on your germanmade. iPhone 8 accessory - your name, initials, favorite word, a short life motto? The possibilities are only limited by the size of the product. Let yourself be inspired, here you will find further information and examples.

iPhone 8 for business use

Your employees are equipped with the iPhone? Are you looking for an adequate protection? The possibility to place your company professionally and stylishly in the foreground? With a germanmade. product you have the best base for your company logo. Constantly in the hand, made of high quality materials (genuine hand-flatter) and fair-produced - it is easy to identify with. We offer individual solutions for large and small quantities. We have accessories for all popular iPhone models in our portfolio. And we offer a top service, because we also know what it is all about and have a hot wire to our manufactories. Please contact us. We are ready: info@germanmadepunkt.de

Das iPhone 8 securely packed

Will the iPhone 8 and its big brother the iPhone 8 Plus be just slightly upgraded versions of the standard iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models? Or, like the iPhone 8, come with OLED display and edge-to-edge screen on the market? Can wireless charge be already possible with these two variants? What technology will Apple process? We do not have any answers yet. But the best iPhone accessories you can find with us. We can answer the question with absolute certainty. Because fact is it wants to be well protected. There come the germanmade. IPhone 7 Cases and Cases. We can do that. And at the highest level - premium iPhone 8 cases and leather cases are available.

iPhone 8 accessories made in Germany

We may not know every cow from whose leather our accessories are made by name, but we know quite well how and from whom our germanmade. products. We buy the materials ourselves, carefully examine our suppliers and the ingredients used, deliver them to our manufactures, which then make all cases and cases by hand. We maintain long-term relationships and have a friendly, almost family relationship with our partners. This is how we make productive, future-oriented work in the 21st century. In front. Transparent, flexible, fast and, above all, reliably high-quality.