MacBook Air

Noble. Fitting exactly. Functional. = germanmade. MacBook Air Sleeve

The MacBook Air Sleeve made from vegetal tanned leather and natural felt becomes a companion for life once you own it. It´s charming to the hand and ensures the perfect protection for MacBook Air 11“ and MacBook Air 13“ - fitting perfectly.

No foofaraw. Functional. Die MacBook Air Sleeve

We do not sell foofaraw. The MacBook Air Sleeve knows one thing: protect your gadget. Because of its perfect fitting form and its high quality material, your MacBook Sleeve will be safely stored and well protected.

Design follows function. The MacBook Air Sleeves

Material + Function = germanmade. design. The germanmade. design reflects the pure apple design of your MacBook. And such a wonderful thing as your MacBook deserves a protection made from the best material we found. Calf leather and natural felt. You can feel and see the naturalness of the vegetal tanned leather once you hold your MacBook Air Sleeve in your hand. Our high quality material lead to the protection needed. Protection and design fit together.

The material for our MacBook Air Sleeve

It’s only after a while that the MacBook Air Sleeve becomes a real beauty with a wonderful patina. It starts carrying signs of its user – that’s how is will be your companion for life. Our leather is from high quality, with little pits as sign of the naturalness of this vegetal tanned leather. That’s how real leather feels and looks.
The felt we use on the inside of the MacBook Air Sleeve is a real all-rounder. Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter. Adjusts temperature. Does not burn. And humidity does not change its good mood. This marvel does – of course – also come from a German manufactory, drummed from ovine wool.

Well-chosen material for a well-planned sleeve. Convince yourself.

Designed for MacBook Air 11“ and MacBook Air 13“

Our sleeves made from leather perfectly fit the MacBook Air 11“ and MacBook Air 13“.

Thanks to our partners in Germany

We are proud of our partners. We are proud to work with one of the last German leather manufactory and we would like to thank everyone who works on our MacBook Sleeves. Without our partners we would not be able to sell MacBooks sleeves produced and crafted in Germany. That’s how work is fun.

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