iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves

iPhone 11 Pro Max Sleeves- your trusted, daily companion

We pick up our smartphone several times per day. To make calls, write messages or emails and to take pictures. Each time we use our phone, we first take the sleeve in our hand. Therefore it should be great to touch and easy to handle.Our iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves are a joy to hold. They convince with a distinctive design and carefully selected materials. We use vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt for our iPhone 11 Pro Max Sleeves and thus guarantee excellent protection and a comfortable feel. With every single product.

Our iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves- something for everyone

The g.4 sleeve is the best selling iPhone sleeve of our product family. The practical pull strap offers quick access to your smartphone. Just pull the strap and start talking.
The high quality cowhide is comfortable to hold and provides a good grip. After a while the sleeve will get its own patina. The natural wool felt lining of the sleeve protects from any impact, changes of temperature and dampness.

The g.5 wallet is iPhone sleeve and wallet in one. Everything you need all in one and readily at hand. The iPhone is simply pushed into one of the pockets and is then surrounded by soft wool felt. There is room on the other side for notes and receipts. Attached pockets offer additional slots for cash/credit cards. Space-saving and smart, a winning combination.

Our iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves don't only look good but are also very practical.

iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves- handmade in Germany

Our iPhone 11 Pro Max leather sleeves are products with soul for people with heart and mind. We put a lot of love in designing our products: carefully selected materials, thought out design and professional craftsmanship. We have a large network across Germany of qualified partners with which we are closely collaborating to manufacture our products.
It is important to us to support German craftsmanship and by doing so we are able to offer the best possible quality to our customers. A perfect cooperation that we are very proud of.

Personalize your iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeve

With our iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeve you already have a reliable companion at your side. But it could be even more special by adding a personal touch. We transform your iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeve into something unique. With embossing or laser engraving, you can personalize your sleeve with your name, your company logo or your motto. There are no limits to your creativity. Here you can find some information and suggestions how your iPhone 11 Pro Max leather sleeve truly becomes unique. We are happy to advise you on how to personalise your sleeve. Contact us: info@germanmadepunkt.de