iPhone 12 Mini

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iPhone 12 Mini accessories: cases, leather and felt folios

2020 will be remembered by the world as a year of radical changes. A movement that will hopefully also have a lasting impact on our awareness of the way we consume. In recent years, there has been an ever increasing level of activity, yet we still find excuses for fast, cheap and nonsensical consumption. Just don't look at it properly. 

If you don't want this anymore, or have never wanted it before - germanmade is the right place for you. We pay attention to every little aspect of our iPhone 12 Mini accessories and deliver a world class product at a fair price to all those who have a higher demand for the iPhone 12 Mini leather case / folio case / leather bumper & co.

The 2 most important reasons to choose a germanmade. product:

  1. We really do produce 100% locally and by hand. Our factories pay good wages and are responsible for their employees. Due to the migration of all productions to low-wage countries, German handicraft companies are finding it difficult to survive. It is completely unrealistic to compete with the purchase prices on alibaba.com if you want to produce in Germany and with sustainable materials. But this is our passion and conviction - to preserve and support local craftsmanship.
  1. Design x Material = germanmade. iPhone 12 Mini accessories. We are designers with passion and have dedicated ourselves to reduced design many years ago. That's why we also develop our iPhone 12 Mini accessories. First we choose the material. We travelled around the country and visited fairs to find the right leather, the most important part of our iPhone leather cases. The vegetable tanned leather is free of any harmful substances and meets our high standards with its soft, natural yet robust feel. Only the uppermost epidermis is used, whose natural structure we consciously do not change. Our iPhone 12 Mini leather cases and cases live from this naturalness, the small scars, mosquito bites, simply the signs of the animal that owned this skin. With use, every iPhone folio and wallet gets its own unique patina, which then also bears the marks of its user. A wonderful way to live on and connect, we think.

The natural wool felt used in the sleeves and wallets comes from an incredible felt factory in the south of Germany. Here, traditional knowledge is combined with modern technology and fantastic felts are created that are second to none in quality.

iPhone 12 Mini accessories - cases, sleeves and wallets

g.4 iPhone 12 Mini leather case: our classic has been in our assortment for 9 years now and is adapted for each new iPhone generation. Perfect hold for our precious companion, quick access through pull tab and practical storage compartment for cards or bills. The striking red stitching is a trademark of the company germanmade.

The g.5 iPhone 12 Mini wallet case made of leather is also available in 2 versions. Once more discreet with the tone-in-tone stitching and then in the germanmade. Signature look with the striking red stitching in extra thick yarn. The Folio Case is wallet and case in one. The elegant look of a wallet, with enough room for the iPhone 12 (5.4") as well as 6 pockets for cards and another side pocket for bills. 

Of course we also offer the possibility of personalization for the iPhone 12 Mini. With an embossing, the iPhone 12 Mini accessories become absolutely unique.

But also as an incentive for corporate clients, our cases and wallets are the absolutely right choice. We are happy to adapt our designs to your requirements and are also flexible in the choice of materials and colours. With a logo embossing or engraving you can put a smile on the face of your customers and they are guaranteed to land