10.5-inch iPad Pro


With new 10.5 "iPad Pro Apple offers the" Workstation to Go "... A take away workplace, flexible and available at any place. This is not quite new, but it has never been so small, so light, as fast and yet as big as the medium-sized iPad Pro. We from germanmade. have been accompanying the iPad since 2010, and also offer innovative iPad Pro accessories for the iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch display.


The iPad Pro with 10.5-inch touch screen display replaces heavy laptops, providing the probably lightest and thinnest workstation (packed with latest technology) to go. With its 10.5" Retina Display and full performance, the new Apple product is simply fun and brings joy to all applications ...

Such an innovative iPad Pro also needs the innovative iPad Pro accessories.


We from germanmade. accompany Apple's iPad since the first hour in spring of 2010 and have always been supplying iPad users with handmade iPad accessories.

No matter whether leather sleeves, cases or docking stations. Our accessories always meet the zeitgeist and are as individual as the iPad itself.

Now there are 3 different models of iPad Pro (10.5", 12.9" and 9.7") on the market, demanding  new accessories supporting the technical innovations of the tablets. With our 10.5" iPad Pro accessories, we go exactly to this requirement and offer an ideal user experience.


....parting is such sweet sorrow. Everyone who has ever had to part with something he loved knows this.

We are also not fond of saying goodbye to our wooden cases, which we have so successfully produced for the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air/ Air 2. But with the iPad Pro come new challenges, which we meet with our new iPad Pro Cases:


A thin and lightweight iPad Pro also needs a case that is just as sexy. Voilá: As thin as never, the germanmade. iPad Pro 10.5-inch Slim Case response all the features of the iPad. It supports sleep-wake function and allows free access to all controls. The camera function is supported and the case can be put into a comfortable working position with only a light handle. There is also some magic in the iPad Pro Case which makes it possible for the cover to be as thin as never, yet offering all around protection and support.

The reason for this are the 2 nano pads that stick on to the back of the iPad Pro and hold, hold... Of course the iPad Pro can be easily removed without any residue. Although there is really little reason to lose the case at all...not even to use our leather sleeve with the zip.


Our bag with the zip: The ZIP-Sleeve. With its long zipper, which runs over two sides, the leather case for the iPad Pro 10.5" offers not only a secure place, but also storage space for its iPad Pro accessories, such as smart keyboard, charging cable and Apple pencil. If the unlined leather cover does not provide enough security, an additional bumper will fit in. If you prefer a uniform design language, you can use our slim case instead of a bumper. The leather sleeve for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is made of a piece of cow leather, vegetable tanned, and serves not only as a bag for the iPad, but also as a clutch in the evening.


Our Tobago Dock is a true eyecatcher for any desk. The universal station is made of a whole piece of real wood and can be used individually. Its unique grain and surface structure, which makes wood so special, tells its own story and makes every 10.5-inch iPad Pro station a very special product. The wooden station is milled from solid wood, sanded by hand and polished with noble oil, which gives it a distinctive look. tHe station does not only stores the iPad Pro, but also documents, pens and more. Made of oak, walnut and pear wood.


We keep what we promises.

German workmanship. Our iPad Pro accessories are 100% made in Germany and exclusively by hand. Regardless of whether it is the iPad Pro leather sleeve, case or wooden station. Each product is produced with great passion for the material and the utmost care. This makes our products not only unique and individual, but also sustainable in the long term.


We always hear from our customers that our products are just too good and keep for too long. This is perhaps stupid for our sales figures, but we do not want to change anything on that system. Less garbage, less unused products - simply favorite pieces that remain with their owners and change with them. We like the idea very much and it spurs us to develop more and more in this direction.


Do you like it a bit more individual?Yes please!

We emboss our iPad Pro leather covers and leather and booklees cases with traditional lettering stamps by hot embossing and can thus immortalize your name, initials or life motto on your iPad accessories.

We emboss our iPad Pro leather sleeves and leather and booklinen cases with traditional lettering stamps by hot embossing and can thus immortalize your name, initials or life motto on your iPad Pro accessories.

If you like it even more individual, we use the most modern laser technology to engrave desired names, logos or motifs of life in leather or wood.


For business customers, we also offer the possibility to use the iPad Pro accessories as an advertising space and personalize with your logo. An ideal way to bring your company subtly and high-quality into the field of view of your counterpart - for one thing is certain: With germanmade. iPad Pro accessories you have some eyes on you. Do you have any questions? Do you need an individual offer? We are happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de

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