10.5-inch iPad Pro cases


A sleek iPad like the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro also demands an equally light and thin case, We from germanmade. have developed the op-timal case, which is similar to the Smart Cover by Apple, flat and still stable. The iPad case protects not only the iPad Pro 10.5-inch display, but also the back of aluminum from bumps and scratches. The new iPad Pro case allows you to hold your iPad 10.5" in an upright reading position, use it angled display mode, or flip the front cover all the way over to the back and use your iPad in typing mode. Additionally, the 10.5" iPad Pro case offers perch mode which allows you to flip the cover of the iPad over and stand it up in an A-frame position. So it is ideal for airplane, bed, desk and more. Practical, slim and handmade in Germany.


germanmade. has been offering handmade iPad cases since the first iPad in 2010. In the last seven years we have created numerous iPad case variants, always perfectly fitting to the respective iPad generation.We have always remained faithful to our style of bookbound cases that dusguises your iPad like a book. Now with the new iPad Pro models are on the market, which demand a new design case to support the innovations of the tablets. For us, this means that we take our wonderful wooden cases and replace them with a light and slim case, which suits the sleek iPad Pro 10.5 ".


The Slim Case iPad Pro 10.5-inch is THE robust yet lightweight case for display and back of the tablet. Made of leather or book-linen, the iPad case is both shock-absorbing, resistant and is also optimally handy. As thin as never, the germanmade. iPad cover allows free access to all functions and supports the camera function. With an easy handgrip, the Slim Case iPad Pro can be placed in a comfortable working position. If you prefer to hold the iPad in your hand, you can fold the cover just like scrolling a magazine. We have also worked some magic into the case, which makes it possible that the cover can be as thin as never before and barely applies, yet offers all around protection and hold. The magic is due to our Nano-Pad. In this case, the iPad Pro is held by Nano-Pads, which suck and hold, hold, hold on the back of the iPad... The iPad can also easily be released without residue. Although there is really little reason to remove the co-ver at all.


For our iPad Pro Cases we use, as always, only high-quality materials. On the one hand we offer the case in the classic bookbinder version from English Buckram, on the other hand in vegetable tanned cow leather.

The English Buckram is a linen, which is soaked in natural resin, which gives a water-repellent surface and can be easily cleaned by a damp cloth. Rugged, colorful and pleasant to the skin, the book linen is a sustainable and vegan material choice for the iPad case.

The more elegant version is the leather iPad case made of vegetable tanned leather on the outside and the above-described book linen inside. The cow leather used is already found in many of our other products and fits perfectly with our other germanmade. products, such as all accessories, but also the iPhone sleeves and MacBook bags.
Each leather skin is handselected, trimmed and the edges for the envelope sharpened. The inside is then laminated in the buyer's color wish in book linen.

Whether the leather iPad case or the booklinen iPad case, the inner life is an robust cardboard that is as thin and as strong as possible, underlining the sleek look of the iPad. This not only protecting the 10.5-inch iPad Pro but is feeling and looking damn good.


A germanmade. product is always unique. Our material selection is made from natural raw materials. Whether linen or leather, none is like the other. This is good and wanted. In addition, each of our products are handmade in Germany. This is not just our slogan, but pure truth. It is almost obvious that we can not compete with the big ones in the Apple accessory market, but beat them for lengths when it comes to quality, lonevity and uniqueness. We put in our products at least as much passion as our customers feel for their iPad's. Our customers appreciate this and are, for this reason, just as true to us as the Apple products. But not only that is one reason why germanmade. has been a successful manufacturer of Apple accessories for over seven years. The fact that we try to meet our customers' requirements and also enable them to give each product its own unmistakable character, is what makes germanmade. so distinctive.


Our cases are not a mass product. Every single case is REALLY hand-made for you in our bookbinding shop in Duesseldorf. There are real people behind the product, who are paid fair and enjoy their profession.

1.ONE OF A KIND: Our cases are not mass products. Every single case is handmade by our bookbinder locally. Behind each of our products are people who have created the product with a lot of passion and many, many handgrips.

2. EXQUISITE: The materials used are hand-selected and made from responsible sources. There is nothing poisonous in it whose effects on your health we can not estimate.

3. SUSTAINABILITY: We think twice and also three times giving you a long-lasting pleasure with your germanmade. iPad case.


Would you like to be more individual? No problem!

We emboss your name, initials or slogan on the 10.5-inch iPad case.

On leather, we also burn the whole thing into the iPad cover by using the latest laser technology.


For corporate customers, we also offer the opportunity to use the iPad case as an advertising space and personalize it with your logo. An ideal way to bring your company discreetly and high-quality into the field of view of your counterpart - for one thing is certain: with the germanmade. iPad Case eyes will be on you.

Further questions? You need an individual quotation? We are happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de